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Vol 2 No. 52 Verses for a New Year

First of all I would like to thank Alice Paradis who every week checks, edits, and sends this letter to all who receive it (by the way, Broadway First in Winnipeg  is the oldest church because First pre-dates the 100 year anniversary of the Broadway First Union… there are some close contenders but check with […]

Vol 2 No. 51 A Christmas Story

As promised, a brief story. The first week of December found me walking in downtown Calgary in the general direction of one of my favourite haunts; McNally’s Books. To describe the warmth, creativity and delight of McNally’s can only be accomplished if you visit it yourself. It has won several “Bookstore of the Year in […]

Vol 2 No. 50 A Story from the Heartland

Last week we had lots of prayer kind of news. The next two weeks I am going to tell some stories.   Personal ones.  Mine, and I hope by the Holy Spirit that they will have influence and encouragement for your own walk of faith in Christ. The first is a story I told in […]

Vol 2 No. 49 36 Days

People often ask me what I do.  My first response to that question is usually couched around the steep learning curve, the travel, the crowded schedule.  Enough already.  I am busy and all those things.  So what.  Lay, clergy and staff in any local congregation are all those things and more.    There are few […]

Vol 2 No. 48 Listening Sessions Part II

As you know from last week’s News and Notes we began our Listening Sessions in Alberta on the last weekend of October.  Last week’s information will re-cap for you the four questions we have asked people, small groups and churches to pray about over the last two months. These sessions we planned to resource things we […]

Vol 2 No. 47 Listening Sessions Part I

Altadore Church in Calgary kindly hosted leaders from Calgary churches and Union staff in a morning of re-capturing and sharing together what we feel God is leading is leading is in the year ahead. The Calgary churches who shared written comments or who attended included; Altadore, First Baptist, Northmount, People’s Church, Bowness and Westview. The […]

Vol 2 No. 46 A Week in Southern Alberta

Just a brief primer about some travel in the week of November 3-9th. My wife and I travelled from Calgary to Lethbridge on November 3 where I picked up for a few hours with the Lethbridge/South of Calgary ministerial who were available that day. Bruce Martin hosted the gathering and I thoroughly enjoyed people from […]

Vol 2 No. 45 Events to Ponder and Pray About II

This is the second of two letters asking for your prayers for our work together. Please pray for Sam Breakey who just last month returned from his summer sabbatical and is now our Alberta Area Minister once again. Sam still looks rested. Pray for Tom Lavigne as he settles in as the new senior pastor […]

Vol 2 No. 44 Events to Ponder and Pray About

These next 2 weeks see a series of events in our lives together to remember and pray for. This last weekend saw 15 churches from Edmonton and Calgary come together to covenant with God in our first listening sessions as a denomination. As wou will remember, churches were asked to pray through: “What does God […]

Vol 2 No. 43 Some General Advice

Hello Folks I attended, on behalf of Canadian Baptist Ministries, the installation of the new Chaplaincy General of the Canadian Armed Forces; Brigadier General Sam Johnstone, a Lutheran. The senior chaplain in the Canadian Armed Forces is usually a two year term alternating between a Roman Catholic and a Protestant. The Armed Forces are about […]