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Vol 4 No. 53 Happy New Year

John 1:1-14 The Word Became Flesh In the beginning wasthe Word, andthe Word was with God, andthe Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of […]

Vol 4 No. 52 Owing No One, No One Cares from Whence I came

The message of Jesus and his birth marked each Christmas is for me and each of us the beginning of a new world; the arrival, suffering, dying and rising of God himself. The central theses (there are many, but here are two of them) of Christmas is lived out in the insignificance of Christ’s beginnings; […]

Vol 4 No. 51 Prayer

Some “mentions” this newsletter day that are ways for us all, in some cases, to have cause for celebration, and in others, cause for prayer. The recent cold snap across the country has caused a severe stream of those unable to get out of their homes, in some cases their caregivers and the social services […]

Vol 4 No. 50 Preparing for Christ’s Birth

Many of you have had some experience with Gathering for Worship: Prayers for the Community by the Baptist Union of Great Britain. Like ourselves, this denomination exists in the midst of a largely secular culture which when it does frame the Christian tradition or narrative of any kind has a majority of churches following a […]

Vol 4 No. 49 Opportunity Fund

The Opportunity Fund was established in the Spring of 2000 by funds freed up by the Bentall Family in the sale of Trinity Lodge in Calgary. The fund has distributed just over 4 million dollars to more than 40 churches since then. The Grants Committee meets two times a year and is led so very […]

Vol 4 No. 48 Season of Christmas

Today’s newsletter is an introduction to the Christmas season of Advent. We do this not to imitate or join any other Christian tradition. We do it for three simple reasons: There is much to learn from each other and so we have asked several people to share. We want to take back from the commercial […]

Vol 4 No. 47 Okanagan

Recently I was at the 50th Anniversary celebrations for the Carey Ministry as it met in the Okanagan. I attended these sessions with Brian Stelck and as Brian preached at First Kelowna in the morning, I was kindly offered the opportunity to preach at First Baptist Church Penticton. Callum Jones was away that Sunday and […]

Vol 4 No. 46 Baptist World Alliance

Every 5 years the Baptist World Alliance meets in general assembly. In 2005, that gathering was in Birmingham England, which marked the 100th anniversary of the first Baptist World Alliance meeting London, England. Both meetings, incidentally, repeated in unison as a commitment to one another and their common Lord the entire Apostle’s Creed. So much […]

Vol 4 No. 45 Two Things

There are two things to this newsletter that are important for us to note. The first is Remembrance Day. The second, in a sense, is the product of the first, for out of the freedom that has been wrought in conflict comes those things we stand for as Christians, who are free to express themselves. […]

Vol 4 No. 44 Carey Hall’s 50th Anniversary

Carey Hall celebrated its 50th Anniversary on September 28th this year. In an excellent celebration created by William Carey Centre Director Sam Chaise (with the excellent help from administration Esther Kitchener, VP David Carlson and Christopher Orr), the event was a wonderful celebration of God’s faithfulness over these many years. The Vancouver celebration included several […]