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Vol 6 No. 52 Heartland Regional Minister Search Process

Dear Folks, It is important for us to share as a family of churches how we go about making appointments to positions that become open in the CBWC.  I want the process to be open for all to know about it and transparent to scrutiny and input.  It is also important so that people can […]

Vol 6 No. 51 Preparing for the New Year

Dear Folks, I start on a reflective note.  Over the last few weeks I have followed the advice I gave in this newsletter at the beginning of Advent.  I decided that if the New Year begins with the Advent season, I should then enter into this season as I would any other New Year’s: to […]

Vol 6 No. 50 In Thanksgiving

Dear Folks,   As we close this year I cannot help but recall God’s faithfulness to us all.  There are those that have been called elsewhere or simply moved on, there are ministries that have grown, changed or evolved, there are ways that the Lord is still working that we have no idea what the […]

Vol 6 No. 49 Prayer of Remembrance

Dear Folks, Part I: Three times a year I travel on behalf of the CBM partners as CBM’s appointment to the committee on military chaplaincy.  I have explained that elsewhere so I will not expand on that now, except to tell you one brief story. I went to Borden, Ontario this week to a committee […]

Vol 6 No. 48 Look At What the Light Did Now

Dear Folks, Some things just don’t go away.  The inglorious (one is solely tempted to refer to a movie of recent years) and the coarse constantly try to supplant the sacred hushed and holy waiting for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In a vain attempt to find sanity on the television last night […]

Vol 6 No. 47 Happy New Year

Dear Folks, Christians for many centuries have set themselves apart as followers of a resurrected Jesus; a people of prayer, worship, community and ministers to a hungry world. Christians have set themselves apart in radical ways as we testify by word and living the power of the Holy Spirit in our midst and through us […]

Vol 6 No. 46 Banff Pastors and Spouses Conference

Dear Folks, I wanted to briefly report on this year’s Banff Pastors and Spouses Conference.  It is hard to do so in the immediate aftermath.  One the one hand, there are wonderful memories and I can tell you some of the things that occurred.  On the other hand, there are many things of a personal, […]

Vol 6 No. 45 Praying For Our Chaplains

Dear Folks,   The backbone of care on a profoundly, meaningful level which includes the comfort of the ministry of presence is conducted by chaplains in dozens of hospitals and prisons.  Many of these chaplains are from CBWC.  The beginning of this list from Alberta and British Columbia is our attempt to recognize our chaplains, […]

Vol 6 No. 44 New Interim Youth Director

Dear Folks,   This is Claire McLean’s last report as Interim Youth Director.  It includes an intro to Peter Anderson, from West Point Grey Baptist Church who is our new Interim Youth Director for a 6 month term. Bless you Claire in the time ahead.  Thanks be to God for you, for Peter and for […]

Vol 6 No. 43 Items for Prayer

Dear Folks,   There are a constant stream of challenges and celebrations that occur in our family of churches. All are in need of prayer. Please pray for:   Keats Camps as it discerns its new path through uncertain financial challenges.  We give thanks for people’s generosity, and all the work of Greg Duskin, David […]