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Vol 11 No. 52 A Happy and Blessed New Year

Dear friends, Happy New Year! The experience of many of us indicates that this January 1st is one of many New Years with significant anniversaries and events. There will be Chinese New Year, significant birthdays, new life in the birth of a baby, and the passing in death of others. We have tried to follow […]

Vol 11 No. 51 The End of Advent, The Birth of Christ

Dear friends, The joy of Advent and the coming of Christmas Eve and Day bring with it a flood of memories, mostly happy. For most of the time we were, as a family, poor. That is not a new experience for many who are reading this letter. It is not simply a distant memory; it is for […]

Vol 11 No. 49 Leadership Forums

Dear folks, An essential aspect of our life together has become the Leadership Forums / Seminars for many of our regions. These take many different forms, but essentially are a quarterly meeting of church leaders from a variety of regional churches that meet to worship, share a meal, encourage each other, and participate in listening […]

Vol 11 No. 48 Remembering Births, Dedications, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths

Dear folks, Someone who is close to me wished to join one of our churches recently. She was asked to provide a record of her baptism and membership from the previous church she had attended, where she had been baptised, been part of a community, lived a significant part of her life, and felt a […]

Vol 11 No. 47 Preparing for Christmas

Dear folks, I am counter the retail preparations for Christmas happening earlier and earlier each year.  The buzz of collection and stuff on offer becomes almost a cacophony of noise to such an extent that I can hardly extract myself from the grotesqueness of the Christmas clutter at Canadian Tire, Costco et al.  The record […]

Vol 11 No. 46 Public Prayer

Dear folks, Many of you will be aware of the Canadian Supreme Court ruling against the municipal council prayer in the Quebec town of Saguenay. They used to open their council meetings with prayer. An article by Canada Post summing up the piece can be found at This issue has a long and complicated […]

Vol 11 No. 45 The Stranger At The Gate; The Stranger In Our Midst

  Genesis 18:1-16; Hebrews 13:2 Dedicated to Margaret Ridgeway   Dear folks, We cannot begin a newsletter this week unless we begin by addressing the terrorist attacks in Paris.  We cannot begin to address those without also noting that Beirut experienced one of the most deadly terrorist attacks in many years with no great note; no […]

Vol 11 No. 44 Thanksgiving and Prayer

The following is presented in bullet form to make it easier to grasp. I trust it does not appear too disjointed. Greg Anderson, Pastor of Riverdale Baptist Church in Whitehorse, was our Bible Study leader at Banff this year. He exhorted us to pray for the new government that had been elected, and also encouraged […]

Vol 11 No. 43 Banff and More

Dear folks, The Banff Pastors and Spouses Conference this year started out on an encouraging note this week with 251 participants – last year there were 219, the year before 191. We are moving in good, healthy and encouraging new places. We began our time together with Ordinary Time, a folk acoustic group very familiar […]

Vol 11 No. 42 News From There And About

Dear friends, With a title like today I feel a bit like a Maritimer or a Newfoundlander. There are many expressions that we use to greet one another, engage in ministry, and encourage one another. I want to share some of them today along with some items for prayer. Keats Camp is having its gala […]