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Vol 13 No. 4 Pre-Board Staff News

Dear friends, There are so many encouraging and exciting things unfolding in our family of churches that there is no room in 1 letter to touch them all. Next week there will be an awful lot of stories… Stories from Haupi Tombing as a chaplain with the Navy on a frigate over Christmas and from […]

Vol 12 No. 3 The World After an Election

Dear friends, A lot of emotional energy and relational capital has been expended in the Canadian and American elections and in the perpetual political machinations of Europe.  We often find ourselves too tired, fed up, or simply apathetic to invest ourselves in the political process post election.  Just to talk about the Canadian election alone… […]

Vol 13 No. 2 Prayers and a Late Epiphany (a Lot of Them)

Dear friends, This last week was Epiphany.  That is important for a lot of reasons.  Let me name some. Epiphany is celebrated on January 6th and marks the visit of the Wise Men (Magi) to the Christ child. Epiphany was generally understood to be the end of Christmas for Western Christianity.  Because it is so […]

Vol 13 No. 1 Happy New Year

Dear friends, A miscellany today. First, a personal note on my own devotional cycle in a day…  Not because it is necessarily exemplary nor necessarily yours but I would love to hear any patterns that are present in this particular newsletter loop.  Please indicate in your response if I am able to share your experience.  […]