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Stories from the Calgary office: Budgeting for ministry work

The CBWC Calgary Office & Director of Administration and Finance

This the beginning of a series of articles exploring the work of CBWC’s Calgary office. The Calgary office the hub of daily operations, and lots of great stories come out of their work. We want to share some of them with you over the coming months.

Calgary head office staff in the new office. CBWC owns the building where the Foundation also has their office.

The Calgary head office serves as CBWC’s main administration and financial centre. Just over a year ago, they moved into a wholly owned office property, which it shares with the CBWC Foundation. Victor Ku is the Director of Administration and Finance, which is a Board appointed position through the executive mandate of the Executive Minister. The core responsibilities this role are:
  • Creation of the yearly CBWC budget and a three-year rolling forecast
  • Subsequent implementation of the budget, after it receives Board approval
  • Ensuring accounting compliance with the Canadian Accounting Standard for Not-for-Profits
  • Ensuring administrative and financial compliance with the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and the CRA’s charity rules
  • Making sure there’s enough funding for the Board approved ministries
  • Having oversight and maintenance of all CBWC held properties throughout the denomination, with special focus on properties managed directly by CBWC
  • Dispensing administrative responsibilities for the Calgary head office which includes: database development and maintenance; managing the accounting, payment and banking system of the association; managing IT infrastructure and human resource requirements; facilitating legal requirements, internal and external communication needs; responding to queries from the constituencies; facilitating communication with the Charities Directorate and its relevant agencies; supporting the work of the Executive Minister and Executive Staff; facilitating and planning of all CBWC organized events such as The Gathering (Assembly), Banff Pastors’ Conference, SERVE and working with the regional office on registrations for their regional pastors’ conferences; and providing clarity and directions to the general needs from the day to day operations of the Calgary office.

The CBWC Budget

The CBWC Board appoints a Budget Committee—made up of the VP for Planning (as Chair), appointed Board members, the Director of Administration and Finance, and the Executive Minister—annually to review and make budget recommendations to the Board. 

In recent years, the CBWC budget has met with differing financial challenges. Years ago, the CBWC yearly budget stood at $3.0 million. In 2016, this number fell to $2.76 million, and the 2017 budget was lowered to $2.56 million. This falling trend is a real concern for the CBWC’s ministry, as it seemed that the supporting structure of the CBWC finances has been eroding over the last few years.

Victor Ku, Director of Administration and Finance

The three main revenue streams are: church contributions (65%), investment returns from the CBWC Foundation (25%), and general fundraising activities (10%). In the last three years, the economic downturn in Canada has challenged all of these streams, and as a result the budget did not meet its commitments.

Moving forward, it is the hope of the CBWC that our constituencies would be able to rise up to the challenge to increase their support levels by another 1% in the coming year. Eventually, we hope that our constituencies will be able to give 10% towards the work of the CBWC, up from the current average of 4.8%.

Responding to reduced revenues, the management has been prudent in cutting down expenditures over the last six years. Each year, the management team has set a goal to achieve a certain amount of savings. The total amount saved so far amounts to $491,064, exceeding our goal $438,000. These savings have helped ensure spending remained within the approved budget. In years there was a deficit, the main cause has been reduced revenues received at year-end, not over spending. In fact, the CBWC had expensed out 73% of its revenue back to support the work of our churches, every year. By the grace of God, the work of the CBWC carried on without a hitch, even though the budgeted revenues have fallen short of the planned numbers.

Indeed, the Lord has provided! Amen!

—Victor Ku, Director of Finance and Administration

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