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The Canadian Baptists of Western Canada hold an Assembly called “The Gathering” in person on odd-numbered years and online in webinar format on even-numbered years. It is a time to worship God together, enjoy wonderful music and fellowship, and make decisions that will direct the future work and ministry of Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. Each church sends delegates on the following basis:

  • 2 delegates from each church, plus 1 delegate from each church for each 50 members above the first 100 members. This measurement is based on resident active membership.
  • 1 minister from each church is designated automatically as a delegate (in addition to those above).

Visitors may always attend any part of the Assembly and there is no restriction to the number of visitors who may attend. Visitors may not vote at the business meetings.

The most recent Assembly was held online on Thursday, May 26, 2016, and the in-person Assembly is in Calgary, AB, on May 25–27, 2017.

Distinct from The Gathering, the Convention of Baptist Churches of BC/BC-Y Regional Assembly is held in person on even-numbered years in British Columbia only.

403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479

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Banff Pastors and Spouses Conference

CBWC’s retreat for pastors, chaplains, retired pastors and their spouses is routinely held Monday to Thursday in the first week of November at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. The dates are set until 2020 and are as follows:

  • 6-9 November 2017
  • 5-8 November 2018
  • 4-7 November 2019
  • 2-5 November 2020

It is a time to be fed by our guest speakers, to worship together, to have fellowship with one another and to enjoy a time of Sabbath. This conference is open to all who are functioning in a ministry capacity within the CBWC and their spouses.

403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479


Baptist Identity Course

Baptists are a group of people within the family of Christian churches who share a common history and a common vision of the Christian faith. The Baptist Identity Course will introduce you to this heritage. This course will encourage the dynamic of all Baptist believers ministering together in Western Canada and beyond into the 21st century.

This course is mandatory for all ministers wishing to be ordained with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada.

Carey Theological College Registrar, 604.224.4308


Benefits Package (Medical, Dental)

The CBWC Benefits package includes Basic Insurance coverage and Extended Health and Dental coverage through Great-West Life. Basic Insurance includes the following:

  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program

Health and Dental Insurance includes coverage for prescription drug expenses, paramedical expenses, vision-care and dental-care. It also includes a Global Medical Assistance Program which provides out-of-country emergency care of $1,000,000 per emergency. We offer, through the Flex Benefit Plan, three levels of coverage to better suit individual needs: reduced, basic and enhanced.

This comprehensive benefits package is available to all eligible employees who are considered permanent and are working a minimum of 20 hours per week, and provides coverage for the employee, spouse, and dependent children. Basic insurance comes in a bundle, so you may not pick and choose coverage in this category. One can waive Health and Dental Insurance only if already insured through a spousal plan. If an eligible employee declines either of these benefits, a signed waiver form is required.

Great-West Life allows only 90 days to enroll employees in the benefits program from either employment start date or the first day the employee meets eligibility requirements. If an employee applies after the 90 days, they are considered a Late Applicant, and must undergo medical underwriting with no guarantee of coverage.

For Pension Plan information, please see Canadian Baptist Ministries Pension Plan below.

Calgary Office, 403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479



The general operating bylaws of the CBWC regulate how the CBWC is governed. The bylaws prescribe the roles and responsibilities of the CBWC, the Board and the staff, as well as ministerial ordination standards and procedures. Changes to the bylaws are recommended by the Board and approved by the Assembly in their general meetings.

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The CBWC Camping Committee provides encouragement, expertise, financial support and accountability for seven residential camps in Western Canada. As advocates for camping, the Camping Committee’s aim is to raise the level of sustainable excellence in each camp with the goal to follow through with all that God is calling each camp to become.

Committee Chair

Canadian Baptist Ministries

Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) is a global organization committed to sharing God’s love through word and deed. As the international and national mission expression of the four Canadian Baptist regional denominations (Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec, Union d’Églises baptistes francophone du Canada, and Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches), we believe that God brings healing to a broken world through local churches. With over 140 years of experience, we have seen that words and deeds intertwined in Christian community work together to bear witness to God’s transforming grace. Together in partnership, we seek to bring hope, healing and reconciliation to all people.

Scott Simpson, 403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479

Canadian Baptist Ministries Pension Plan

The churches and agencies of Canadian Baptists participate on behalf of their employees in a National Pension Plan. It is a Defined Contribution Pension Plan administered by Sun Life, with investment funds managed by Great-West Life (GLC Investments). The Plan is self-administered, meaning that it is up to the church or agency to enroll the employee in the Plan, as well as submit 6% matching contributions (participant and employer) directly to Sun Life on a monthly basis. It is up to the participant to choose an appropriate investment fund(s) based on risk assessment. The funds offered are Aggressive Fund, Moderate Fund, Balanced Fund, Conservative Fund and Retirement Fund. If an investment choice is not indicated upon enrollment, contributions will default to the Balanced Fund.

While it is mandatory for employers to offer Pension Plan participation to eligible employees, the Plan can be waived by the employee. In this case, a waiver form would need to be completed and sent to the CBWC Pension and Benefit Coordinator.

Calgary Office, 403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479

Canadian Baptists of Western Canada

CBWC is a denomination of Baptist churches in the four Western provinces, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories who were formerly known by the name Baptist Union of Western Canada. The new name was approved at the 2007 Assembly. The churches and church plants represent some 180 congregations and gather annually to enact business on behalf of all the churches. The Assembly elects Board members to run the affairs of the denomination between Assemblies. The Board is also charged with hiring the Executive Minister as the chief officer of the denomination.

CBWC President

Carey Centre

The Carey Centre provides a Christian residential community for undergraduate and graduate students studying at the University of British Columbia and other local college campuses. As well as student housing, the Carey Centre provides year-round accommodation for visitors to the Vancouver area for short and long-term stays.

Carey Centre, 604.224.4308


Carey Institute

The Carey Institute serves both lay leaders and ministers across western Canada, by providing creative learning experiences that equip individuals in their personal development, growth in ministry effectiveness and journey with Christ.

Last year, the Institute resourced approximately 1,700 people across the CBWC in 35 seminars, workshops and retreats on diverse topics such as Board Leadership Skills, Understanding Teens, Healthy Aging Transitions, Creation Care and ESL Ministries. In partnership with local churches, Carey Institute also offers a Certificate in Ministry and a Diploma in Ministry with church-based campuses in Winnipeg, Calgary and Central Alberta.

Myrna Sears, 604.224.4308


Carey Theological College

Carey Theological College is the seminary of the CBWC and, although located in Vancouver, serves the entire constituency. Carey is an accredited school of the Association of Theological Schools in the USA and Canada, and is an affiliated college of the University of British Columbia.

Carey offers theological education based on three distinctives:

  • character and call
  • spiritual formation
  • practice of ministry.

Utilizing a combination of online courses and hybrid (online and onsite) courses, the College offers these programs:

  • Doctor of Ministry
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Divinity with a concentration in North American Chinese Church Ministries
  • Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation

Carey Theological College Registrar, 604.224.4308


CBWC Foundation (CBWC-F)

The CBWC-F serves the churches, ministers, agencies and individuals of the CBWC with financial services including the following:

  • Deposit and Loans Program
  • Facilitation of Share Donations
  • Education Grants (pastoral training for ministry)
  • Stewardship and Development
  • Asset Management (investment services, including management of the Development Fund, which provides dividends to support the CBWC budget).

CBWC Foundation operations are self-supporting.

VP Operations Christine Reid, 403.930.7004, 1.800.820.2479

CFO Ray Chan, 403.930.7002

Centre for Healthy Aging Transitions

The Centre for Healthy Aging Transitions (CHAT) is connected with the Carey Institute and offers seminars, web-centered resources and consultant services. As the boomer generation moves toward the third third of their life, many changes and challenges will come, along with terrific opportunities. CHAT wants to be ready to offer resources for ages 55-75 to make healthy transitions in five prime areas:

  • Spiritual
  • Vocational
  • Social
  • Health and Wellness
  • Financial Wellness

Myrna Sears 604.224.4308


Century II Grant Appeals

Century II is a quarterly fundraising program where participants can pledge support for new capital projects in churches belonging to the CBWC family. Any church wishing to make small renovations or upgrades to their facilities—such as wheelchair ramps, new furnaces, or audio visual equipment—applies to their Regional Minister to be considered for a fundraising appeal.

Each Century II participant promises to give a minimum of $20 to each project up to four times each year. Of each donation, 90% goes to the project while 10% is used to help cover communication and receipting costs. Typical appeals raise $3-4,000 for church projects. Since 1980, when it began as an initiative of the Baptist Men, Century II has raised well over $630,000 for more than 110 projects.

Cailey Morgan, 604.420.7646


Children and Families Ministry

The Children and Families Ministry of the CBWC (CFam) is committed to raising the value and enhancing the effectiveness of ministry to children and families in our churches and communities. CFam supports our churches in several ways: offering leadership training through seminars and workshops; sharing curriculum, teaching and parenting resources; connecting and supporting ministry leaders and volunteers; and providing a voice for children and families ministries on a denominational level.

Sherry Bennett, 604.420.7646


Child Safety Manual

CFam has prepared an Abuse Prevention Manual based on work done by Dr. Mark Davies to provide guidelines for ministries to children and youth in our churches It contains suggestions and protocol sections for the safety and security of our children.

Sherry Bennett, 604.420.7646


Church Conflict Resourcing

The CBWC seeks to resource and provide assistance to ministers, church leaders and congregations in the areas of Conflict Resolution, Governance, Human Resources/Personnel and Liability Risk Management. “Conflict” can be defined as “a difference of opinion in needs, values, desires, goals or methods that results in significant stress and tension within the church leadership and/or the congregation.” Interventions can include listening/advising, congregational consultations, leadership consultations, facilitation, mediation and collective problem-solving.

403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479


Church Health

The goal of our Church Health Initiative is to enable congregations, in a wide variety of life stages to engage in a discernment and visioning process. Examples include seeking next-level effectiveness, establishing momentum in pastoral transitions, and moving beyond challenging patterns.

Sam Breakey is the Church Health Strategist for Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. He has come alongside congregations in all four western provinces to encourage greater vitality and intentionality. He, and his team of regional volunteers, seek to help congregational leaders have conversations about their past, present, and future under the lordship of Christ.

Generally speaking, a unique plan is created to gain wide congregational input on ten characteristics common to vitalized congregations. Sam and his team then spend a weekend on-site to present initial findings and gain further insights. A written follow up report is then prepared for the congregation outlining specific patterns and practical recommendations for further consideration. Sam and your respective Regional Minister then follow up with the church on next steps.

Church Health Strategist Sam Breakey, 780.462.2176



Church Planting

We labour not for our own benefit but for the benefit of the world around us that do not yet know the liberation of Christ in the midst of everyday life here on earth.

With this in mind, Canadian Baptists of Western Canada are working together to launch an ethos of making disciples who make disciples who grow into churches. We call it Church Planting and CBWC has formed a Church Planting Team across our three regions as the primary leader and catalyst to assist, develop and resource ministers, church leaders and congregations to grasp the vision of making disciples and expanding the Kingdom of God in their community.

As Canadian Baptists of Western Canada co-labour with one another and with Christ in God’s mission in the world, God will be glorified, lives will be transformed, and shalom will be evident. Every CBWC church can be involved in church planting through multiplication of their own congregation or through mentorship or financial support of a new church plant.

Church Planting Director Shannon Youell, 250.216.6332

Heartland Church Planting Director Joell Haugan 306.773.1568


Clergy Care

The ministry of Clergy Care exists to provide confidential support for our CBWC pastors and spouses on both personal and professional matters. CBWC address the needs brought to them.

403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479


College Partnership Program

The Canadian Baptists of Western Canada have developed partnerships with five colleges within our region. We support post-high school students in their pursuit of biblical education and leadership development. If a student wants to study at Rocky Mountain College (Calgary, AB), Ambrose University College (Calgary, AB), Canadian Bible College (Abbotsford, BC), Providence University College (Otterburne, MB), or Canadian Mennonite University (Winnipeg, MB), then they may be eligible to receive financial assistance from the CBWC through our College Bursary Program.

Rod Olson, 403.930.7008

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Educational Upgrading

All clergy are encouraged to participate in lifelong learning. Those clergy members who are not ordained are granted licenses, or mandates, that are time sensitive and do expire. The denomination, through a vote of the Assembly, requests a plan of continuing education from each clergy member in order to renew the license or mandate. These continuing education plans are recommended every three to five years as per the Ministerial Protocol Manual of the denomination.

Rod Olson, 403.246.3720

Myrna Sears, 604.224.4308

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See CBWC Foundation.

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Gathering for Worship: Patterns and Prayers for the Disciples

Significant experiences in planning and experiencing worship, both privately and corporately in the CBWC family, has been facilitated by the book Gathering for Worship: Patterns and Prayers for the Disciples. It is edited by Christopher Ellis and Myra Blyth and published by the Baptist Union of Great Britain. It looks at how the faith language of the people, like ourselves liturgically, can be framed in a worship tradition that is structured, yet open to the Holy Spirit. About half of our churches have been using the Gathering for Worship book, which includes a disc that accompanies the book with the entire text in it. Many use Gathering For Worship in conjunction with A Manual for Worship and Service.

Order Gathering for Worship online or through the Calgary office.

403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479

Graduate Internship Program

See Mentored Ministry Program

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Justice and Mercy Network (JMN)

The Justice and Mercy Network is a working committee of the CBWC. Its vision is to inspire and equip churches within the CBWC in their theological vision of the kingdom of God so that they fully include the pursuit of justice and mercy in their biblical understanding. It encourages the social analysis of injustice and its root causes and works to resource churches and develop networks that will provide effective responses to injustice. The JMN works principally in these areas: environment, poverty, homelessness, First Nations and refugees. It provides churches with written resources, such as theological frameworks and reading lists, as well as workshops and seminars.

Ceal McLean, 604.225.5916

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Leadership Forums

Leadership Forums, which occur up to four times a year in those areas participating in them, are where we gather in community to resource each other. They all have a competent of fellowship, teaching and networking, and have included topics such as spirituality and mental illness, missing and murdered Aboriginal women, evangelism and empowering youth and young adults in leadership.

604.420.7646 or 1.800.596.7772

780.819.4070 or 1.800.474.6018

306.789.2900 or 1.866.789.2940


Liability Risk Management

CBWC developed a series of protocols to assist churches, agencies and camps in minimizing the apparent dangers and risks in the normal course of operations. Normal operations can range from common sense issues to technical issues that help our organizations function. The documentation is available as a PDF from the CBWC website, or in hard copy from the Calgary office.

403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479


Licensed Minister

A licensed minister is a non-ordained individual who has been called to serve as minister of a specific local CBWC congregation, and is recommended to the denomination for benefits and privileges appropriate to the pastoral office. Authorization for the solemnization of marriages is provided to a licensed minister. A licensed minister may hold this status for a maximum of 5 years. For more information,  consult the Ministerial Protocol Manual or your regional office.

604.420.7646 or 1.800.596.7772

780.819.4070 or 1.800.474.6018

306.789.2900 or 1.866.789.2940

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A Manual for Worship and Service

This document, put together by the CBWC, suggests various orders of worship for events of church life. It covers funerals, weddings, new birth, ordinations and dedications, and suggests some scripture, song and liturgy options for leaders. It is available in hard copy or digital form and often used in conjunction with Gathering for Worship: Patterns and Prayers for the Community of Disciples.

Contact: 403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479

Mentored Ministry Program

The Canadian Baptists of Western Canada require that ministers and chaplains in their first year of ministry among us, as well as those who are preparing for appearance before the Ordination Examining Council, participate in the CBWC’s Mentored Ministry Program, formerly known as the Graduate Internship Program.

The Canadian Baptists of Western Canada’s Graduate Internship Program has a goal of providing support during a year of difficult and often lonely adjustments by offering mentorship.

The approach taken in the mentored ministry experience is that of walking alongside of those new to the denomination and/or new to their role. The biblical image would be Barnabas, whose name means “son of encouragement.” The process places one experienced in ministry alongside the intern and helps to provide care and orientation to vocational ministry in the Canadian Baptist context to the intern.

Axel Schoeber, 604.224.4308


Ministerial Protocol Manual (MPM)

The Ministerial Protocol Manual, formerly known as Ministerial Policies, Procedures and Protocol (MPPP) of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada is a booklet provided to each pastor upon entry into the denomination. The MPM contains the following:

  • Ministerial Ordination Standards and Procedures
  • Considerations and Processes in Situations of Moral Failure and Protocol for Situations of Professional Sexual Misconduct
  • Guidelines on Pastoral Ethics
  • CBWC Position on Sexual Behaviour
  • Marriage: A Statement Affirming a Christian View
  • Resolution on Same Sex Marriage

It is approved by the Assembly of churches. The most recent edition is April 2015.

403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479


Ministry Information Profile

The Ministry Information Profile (MIP) is the document that must be completed by anyone wishing to be placed or relocated as a minister within the CBWC. Download the MIP Form.

Dennis Stone, Settlement Coordinator, 780.462.2176


Missional Church Network

The Missional Church network links together like minded church leaders and the seminary through the offices of the Executive Minister to assist churches in restoring (or beginning) a missional focus and ethos in their congregational life.

403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479


Multicultural Ministries

An emerging network of ministers, church leaders and churches seeking resources and strategies for ministry in multicultural Canada is creating a need for some CBWC coordination and direction. An initiative is underway to determine the current status and activities of present multicultural ministries and provide consultation opportunities for determining future direction. This intentional approach to evaluating and planning multicultural ministries is just beginning and will involve planning some regional consultations, facilitating multicultural resourcing and ministry supporting networks and establishing some goals and strategies for CBWC churches and ministry agencies.

403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479

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New Ministers Orientation

The New Ministers Orientation (NMO) is a compulsory seminar for all new ministers in the CBWC. This seminar is 3.5 days and will help all newcomers to the CBWC in understanding the denomination and its agencies. This seminar is usually held in May at Carey in Vancouver.

 or 1.800.596.7772

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Opportunity Grants

The Opportunity Grants (previously Trinity Opportunity Fund) provide money to applicants from CBWC churches and partner agencies for new, creative and innovative ministry. Grants are offered once each year, based on CBWC grant guidelines and monies available as designated in the CBWC budget. Each grant application is considered individually, and preference will be given to first-time applicants. The Opportunity Grant Committee is comprised of 7 individuals who prayerfully consider each application. Download the application form here and find more information on the CBWC website.

403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479


Ordination (or recognition for Prior Ordination)

Ordination is an act of the local church. The churches in the CBWC have covenanted together to recognize each other’s act of ordination when the candidate has been examined publicly by representatives of our regions and commended for such.

A new minister will receive a booklet entitled Ministerial Protocol Manual. All who receive this document are asked to please read it carefully.

If a church has affirmed someone in ministry and wishes to proceed with their ordination, the church must complete the following steps to reach this goal of ordination:

  1. Once the church has made its intention known to the Ministerial Credentials Committee of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, a document called FORM 5 will be sent to the church in which a formal motion from the church is requested.
  2. A minister must have completed the Mentored Ministry Program or will complete it before their appearance before the Ordination Examining Council.
  3. A minister must have attended or plan to attend the New Ministers Orientation prior to their appearance before the Ordination Examining Council.
  4. A minister must have completed the Baptist Identity Course prior to their appearance before the Ordination Examining Council.
  5. A minister will be asked to have original copies of their academic transcripts sent to Carey Theological College.
  6. If a minister is asking to have their Prior Ordination recognized, proof of such prior ordination must be sent to the MCC Secretary.

After all the documents are reviewed, a minister will be contacted regarding the basis on which they may proceed for Ordination. At that time the minister will be invited to Mini-Semester at Carey Theological College in Vancouver. There they will present their ordination document to their peers. A helpful critique of the statement will be offered from fellow candidates. In addition, the Director of the Mini-Semester will provide a summary comment to each candidate.

After Mini-Semester, the Ministerial Credentials Committee will contact a minister regarding their suitability for appearance before the Ordination Examining Council.

Ordination Coordinator Dana Cupples, 604.420.7646

Ordination Council Preparation

Ordination Council Preparation is an integral and mandatory part of the total preparation for ordination by the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. It is an opportunity to come together to fellowship, discuss mutual concerns, receive pastoral care, gain new information on the practice of ministry and prepare for appearance before the Ordination Examining Council. The semester is usually held at the end of January or beginning of February at the Carey Centre.

Dana Cupples, 604.420.7646

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Pension Plan

(See Canadian Baptist Ministries Pension Plan)


Privacy Policy

The Federal Government of Canada and each provincial jurisdiction have established Privacy laws with which the denomination must comply.

Contact: 403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479

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Refugees and Uprooted Peoples

The many conflicts around our world have created situations where people have had to flee from their homes with no hope of ever returning or even of staying in the country to which they have fled. Canada is one of the few countries that accept these refugees seeking a new start. Through the Private Sponsorship Agreement that the CBWC has with the Canadian Government, CBWC congregations can become sponsors for these people including entire families. This implies congregational responsibility, in both financial and personal support for these people who are uprooted from their homeland. Majd AlAjji is the CBWC Staff person who provides support and guidance to those churches or church groups who are interested in sponsoring refugees. There is also an opportunity for congregations to host or come alongside government-sponsored refugees. Support does not necessarily include a financial component but would involve a commitment to helping the family become accustomed to life in Canada.

The CBWC also provides cultural awareness for sponsoring churches and follow ups on the process over the whole year of sponsorship.

As Coordinator, Majd also wants to encourage awareness and action within CBWC congregations regarding the broader social and spiritual issues related to refugees or those uprooted from their normal residence. Even in Canada, there are people who, for economic reasons, leave their homes and families to seek work in other parts of the country. Many of these people are coming to communities in Western Canada and for many their living conditions are very difficult as evidenced by the high homeless populations and extensive use of food banks. In this role, Majd also looks forward to hearing from congregations that are interested or involved in any way with refugees or uprooted peoples. We ask all to share their stories, including successes or challenges, as a way to encourage one another to move ahead in our Christian calling to serve Christ with the “least of these my brothers and sisters.”

Refugees Sponsorship Coordinator Majd AlAjji, 403.930.7000

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(See Carey Theological College)



Each summer, CBWC youth gather for SERVE, a week-long ministry where over 200 youth gather to make a difference in a local community. In 2015, SERVE took place July 5-11 in High River, Alberta, and in 2016 SERVE will be held in Victoria, BC. Youth attending SERVE take part in a variety of ministries such as manual labour, painting, gardening, renovations, visiting seniors, day camps, and clean-up throughout their week of service, while also growing in their faith through guest speakers, bands and prayer.

Tammy Klassen, 250.701.1794



One of the most important tasks of a congregation is to listen to what God might be saying about its mission and who He is leading to join them in fulfilling that mission. CBWC staff members, on behalf of the wider Assembly of churches, have been entrusted with the task of leading congregations and ministers during times of transition. The Pastoral Settlement Coordinator walks alongside search committees to encourage spiritual discernment, facilitate exit interviews, assess community and congregational needs and vision, and provide recommendations and profiles for evaluated candidates. The Settlement Coordinator can be perceived as a coach in this necessary task.

Dennis Stone, Settlement Coordinator, 780.462.2176



Short Term Missions

The Short Term Ministry program facilitates many opportunities for service across Western Canada. This program matches churches and ministries in need of volunteers with individuals and church groups willing to use their skills in service in Canada’s four Western provinces and two territories. Participants have the opportunity to relocate to a challenging new setting where they can serve others, explore a possible calling, and enjoy Christian fellowship and learning. Whether you have a few days, a few weeks or a year, there is a ministry in Western Canada that needs you.

Contact: 403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479

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Urban Camping

Urban Camping offers resources to innovative leaders connected to Canadian Baptist of Western Canada churches. These resources will create space for children and youth to Belong, Believe and Become. We want to engage and dialogue with the culture where our churches are planted in order to be a place where all are welcomed. The goals are to establish a vibrant Urban Camping presence in every major city across Western Canada, to reach 10% of the 1.7 million kids age 5 to 18 in Western Canada and to provide a connecting point between young leadership and CBWC ministries.

Rod Olson, 403.930.7008

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The CBWC website is


Women in Focus

Women in Focus seeks to provide a voice and a place for women both locally and globally. We offer a variety of opportunities for gathering, equipping, personal growth and outreach. Resources and ideas for the fostering of connecting and caring ministries can be found in the quarterly newsletter and on the Women in Focus website. Many of our materials such as free downloadable Bible Studies, monthly devotionals and weekend workshops on Gifting, Spiritual Formation and Mentoring are valuable for both men and women. We have trained teams ready to come and enrich your church ministries.

Director of Ministries Faye Reynolds, 403.381.2925


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The CBWC has active youth ministry throughout Western Canada. Bible studies, retreats, days of service and social activities combine to minister to teens and young adults as they seek to know more about God and grow in their faith and knowledge of him.

Our Youth Leadership Team (YLT), led by the Youth Director, is made up of youth pastors from various regions in Western Canada. The YLT provides ministry resources, information and supportive care to volunteer and paid youth workers from all CBWC churches. If you are involved in youth ministry in the CBWC we want you to get connected. Please contact the YLT member in your area or the CBWC Youth Director.

Tammy Klassen, 250.701.1794

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