Canadian Baptist of Western Canada

CBWC Finances 2012


Victor Ku, Director of Administration & Finance

The CBWC’s 2012 Financial Statements show that the CBWC achieved a surplus of $24,949 — its first in four years —  through strict cost savings despite a 9% shortfall in  income,  about $280,000, on a budget of $3.043 million.

The CBWC achieved the surplus by cutting about $230,000 in costs when compared to the 2011 budget.

The CBWC is experiencing a general trend of declining income.  The denomination received $1,729,099  of its income from its member churches and $1,034,443 from investments made through the CBWC Foundation and from other sources in 2012.  Both sources of 2012 income were below levels achieved in previous years.

Despite the trend of declining incomes and the negative impact this has on the CBWC’s ability to provide leadership in resourcing member churches, we have great reason to trust God that our finances are turning around.  As of April 30, 2013, church contributions were up more than $51,000 over the first four months in 2012.  We have also raised $21,000 from individuals and churches were able to contribute $76,766 extra out of their surpluses in the first quarter of 2013, compared to $70,554 in 2011.  Our 2012 expenses were $11,413 less than in 2012.

Summary of CBWC’s Financial Picture 2012