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News & Notes Vol 13 No. 26

Adieu… loosely translated “to God” Dear friends, …for so I have begun to call so many of you over these last 12 years. Summer is finally arriving for so many of us. Under Tammy Klassen and her able team SERVE begins next week in Brandon, MB. Rob Ogilvie, our new Executive Minister has been overlapping […]

News & Notes Vol 13 No. 25

Directions Dear friends, Not all of you have access to the annual Assembly Report nor for that matter reports to the CBWC Board. I thought it would be of interest to share with you my gratefulness for having worked over this last 12 years with the following outstanding BUWC/CBWC Presidents: Sam Chaise, David Simpson, Jan […]

News & Notes Vol 13 No. 24

Your Governance is Showing Dear friends, We take great pride in congregational governance but very few of us know what that means in theory or in practice. Often, we describe ourselves as what we are not rather than what we are. We are not like those folk down the road who are always having church […]

News & Notes Vol 13 No. 23

Transitions and Stories Dear friends, First, I would like to thank so many of you for your prayers, cards, notes, thoughts and recollections of my father Roy Bell who passed away on May 11. My father passed on a Thursday but his condition had begun to worsen on the previous Friday so while he was in somewhat poor health […]

News & Notes Vol 13. No. 22

Items for Prayer Dear friends, The camping season is beginning a full earnest now as staff prepare for the summer onslaught of students at all our camps: Keats Camps, BC – Ryan Friesen, Executive Director Zao Outdoor Ministries, BC – Mattias Morrison, Ministry Coordinator Gull Lake Centre, AB – Steve Roadhouse, Executive Director Mill Creek […]

News & Notes Vol 13 No. 21

Assembly 2017 Dear Friends,   I have moved the date of our newsletter this week to accommodate all that was going on in our Gathering this year. It is one thing to talk about and anticipate what The Gathering might be; it is quite another to report on what actually happened.   It has been […]

News & Notes Vol 13 No. 20

An Invitation to the Health of the Church Dear friends, The Gathering 2017 is happening in one week’s time. We will celebrate our heritage, our present, and our future as Canadian Baptists. Gary Nelson from Tyndale will speak to us on leading in disorienting times. Our own Sam Breakey will encourage us to look to […]

News & Notes Vol 13 No. 19

From Alpha to OEC Dear friends,   You will hear more about this from Shaila Visser (Head of Alpha Canada) at the Assembly later this month. Over 75,000 people took the Alpha course last year, and over 35,000 people made first time commitments or recommitments to a relationship with Christ. A very exciting year. Click […]

News & Notes Vol 13 No. 18

New Ways of Listening To God and Each Other Dear friends, There was so much to choose from in our life and ministry together this week, that I was challenged to limit it to these 2 wonderful experiences before us.   The first is Potential Impact, which we have spoken of before. Several dozen youth have […]

News & Notes Vol 13 No. 17

New BCY Regional Minister Dear friends, As I did with Kayely Rich’s announcement regarding Rob Ogilvie’s appointment as the new Executive Minister of the CBWC I leave it for her to offer her new announcement regarding the appointment of the new Regional Minister for the BCY Region.  Many of you in BC will be familiar […]