Canadian Baptist of Western Canada

CBWC Finances 2013

victor_kuThe year 2013 has been a challenging year for the CBWC as it was the first time in many years that we have to reduce the approved budget by $119,545 in cuts as approved by the 2013 Assembly. This was a result of reduced projected revenue at the start of the year by about $400,000. However, there are two things we are thankful to God for his provisions. Firstly, the total CBWC church contributions came in to $ 1,879,040 which was the highest collection the CBWC ever had in the past 20 years! So, we are very thankful to all of our churches for supporting the work of the CBWC in 2013. The Board and all the staff of the CBWC are very encouraged by the kindness and the generosity shown to us by our churches. Secondly, even though we started the year 2013 with a $400,000 shortfall in projected revenue, we are very thankful that we closed off the year breaking even! Again, this is only possible with the great efforts put in by our Board and staff to help reduce or save on cost where possible and the hard work of the Communications & Stewardship team in raising funds for the CWBC, which was most needed to meet the shortfall in revenue. To all of our donors, we want to say thank you to you for your generosity and kind support to the work of the CBWC in the past year. We look forward to another exciting year with new challenges in 2014 but moving forward with great confidence that God will again supply all of our needs!

Summary of CBWC’s Financial Picture 2013.

To clarify the 2013 Assembly budget and the Summer 2014 fundraising letter:  The $55,000 under the budget category “Women in Focus” funds resources and staff support for Women in Focus ministries as well as other denominational responsibilities assigned to the present director, Faye Reynolds.