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Church Health

Church Health and Renewal 

Healthy churches grow and thrive.  But to do so, as a living body, churches must be attentive to the seasons of life.  The CBWC’s Church Health and Renewal Ministry provides the resources and support churches need so they serve God fully.

Sample Church Health Bulletin Insert

What Does a Healthy Church Look Like?

Healthy churchesWater Baptism

  • are convicted that they exist for Christ’s glory   
  • are determined to seek God’s will
  • have passion to fulfill their unique mission and respond to new ministry opportunities
  • attend equally to their outward and inward focus
  • serve and fellowship in community
  • adapt to change honestly and transparently
  • respond to past and present conflict with grace
  • honour the gifting and perspective of attendees
  • do their ministries well, not half-heartedly

When Might it be Time to Look at Your Church’s Health?

Like individual Christians who are constantly changing and reflecting on their relationship with God, churches can benefit from assessing their church health frequently, especially during:

Periods of changePortrait Of Kitchen Staff In Homeless Shelter

  • Leadership changes
  • Changing demographics
  • Changing ministry focus
  • Restructuring staff or programs

Before New Developments

  • Adding new ministry positions
  • Before capital gains or new partnerships
  • adding new ministries or programs
  • relocating or expanding facilities_DSC0921


  • identifying priorities and goals
  • uncovering unique strengths and gifts
  • identifying community needs
  • vision-based budgeting

Church Health Engagement Process

If your church wants to renew its health, one of the best places to start is through the CBWC’s Church Health Engagement Process.  Contact our Church Health Strategist, Sam Breakey at or contact your Regional Minister.

Sam and the ministry team will facilitate a process individually tailored to the needs of your church.  It takes into account the church’s history, knowledge, understanding and needs.   It is a three-part process that includes:

  • phone and onsite interviews and adaptable assessment tools will be used to create a preliminary understanding of current health
  • an onsite weekend visit by a church health team to discuss the church’s history, strengths, opportunities and limitations with the congregation
  • development of a strategy as a measuring stick for moving forward
  • providing resources to engage in fruitful ministry

What Kind of Results Can We Expect?

The Church Health Engagement Initiative can lead to:

  • an increased level of transparency and trust within the congregation
  • a new willingness to respond to opportunities
  • a recommitment to evangelism and discipleship
  • a better understanding of the assets and needs of the church community

The cost of the Church Health Engagement Initiative is borne jointly by the participating congregation and the CBWC.


Contact Sam at  or 800-474-6018 or contact your Regional Minister to find out more about the Church Health Engagement Initiative.