Canadian Baptist of Western Canada

Disaster Response

High River #5Floods on the prairies, fires in the Okanagan, snowstorms everywhere, earthquakes on the coast, oil spills, train wrecks – disasters, natural and man-made, can happen any time.  During these emergencies, the role of the church is elevated in the community and the church has an opportunity to share God’s love in word and deed.  When a crisis hits, a church that has planned ahead for possible disasters that might impact its community will be more effective in relief and recovery efforts and less disrupted in their day-to-day ministry. To assist churches to prepare to reach out to their home communities in the event of a disaster, the CBWC has prepared a set of seven resources. These materials are specifically for churches.  Most of what we have prepared is simply common sense and very basic, but we hope these resources will motivate your church to make disaster response plans.  Be ready to reach out to your community in times of overwhelming need.

Each of these documents is very short and to the point.  They are merely a common sense starting point to guide your church as you think through your unique ministry, community and skills and how God might be calling your church to serve in the event of an emergency.  We hope you will find them useful. When a disaster happens, usually the first line of response is the local municipality affected.  Contact your municipal government for disaster response information developed for your area.  When disasters are larger, the provinces and even the federal government may become involved in relief and recovery operations.

For more information, contact:

Emergency Management BC

Alberta Emergency Management Agency

Saskatchewan Emergency Management Organization

Manitoba Office of Disaster Management

Yukon Emergency Measures Organization

Northwest Territories Ministry of Municipal and Community Affairs