Canadian Baptist of Western Canada

CBWC Sunday

Every November the CBWC celebrates CBWC Sunday to give thanks for God’s faithfulness to local churches across Western Canada. 

Our hope is that CBWC Sunday will encourage churches so they know they are never alone as they serve Jesus. Together, we have a greater impact for God.

How Do We Celebrate CBWC Sunday?

Pick a Sunday in November to celebrate God’s work and what we do together as a denomination.  By choosing a date that fits your church best, you have more possibilities to make personal connections between your local churches and the CBWC’s board and staff members.

  • Invite a speaker to give a sermon, make a presentation, extend greetings or simply to be present with you.
  • Connect on social media — share your thoughts, photos and comments using #CBWCSunday.
  • Livestream your worship service
  • Check out the CBWC’s God Moment Videos
  • Share the CBWC’s Resource Guide
  • Share the CBWC’s Bulletin Insert
  • Combine your worship service with one from a nearby CBWC congregation
  • Swap your pastor with one from a different congregation for one Sunday

Let the CBWC know you we can make this annual event suit your congregation’s needs. Contact Jill Schuler at