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Benno Przybylski


Benno Przybylski


Benno Przybylski is a retired Professor of Biblical Studies at Carey Theological College in Vancouver, BC.  Previously he served as Professor at Edmonton Baptist Seminary and Research Assistant Professor at McMaster University.  Benno has published books, articles and reviews.



Righteousness in Matthew and His World of Thought. 

While New Testament scholars generally agree that the concept of righteousness occupies an important place in the Gospel of Matthew, there is no scholarly consensus as to the meaning and function of this concept. Benno Przybylski contends that this lack of agreement is largely due to the fact that the wrong background literature (i.e. the Old Testament and the letters of Paul) has been posited as governing Matthaean usage. This book argues that righteousness becomes intelligible as reflected through Dead Sea Scrolls and the Tannaitic literature.

Cambridge University Press, 1980, reprinted 2004.

Time:  Friend or Foe? Faith, Hope and Love: Doorways Into A Mature Christian Life.

On the basis of Scripture, Benno shows how faith can provide a firm foundation for the past, hope opens the door to the future and love is all important to live a God pleasing life in the present.

Burlington: Welch, 1986.