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Bruce Milne

Bruce Milne

Dr. Bruce Milne, a Scot by birth and upbringing, was the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Vancouver from 1983 until 2001.  Under his ministry, and through his reputation for expository preaching, First Baptist grew to a community of around 2000, including regular or occasional visiting worshippers.   Before serving in Vancouver Dr Milne taught for a year in Nairobi, Kenya; led a church-plant in the central belt of Scotland while completing his theological studies; and served on the faculty of Spurgeon’s College, London for ten years, teaching in the areas of Evangelism, Pastoral Studies, and Biblical and Historical Theology.  He has served as President of the Canadian Baptist Federation, was the initial President of the CBM, and was a Vice-President of the Baptist World Alliance.  Now retired, Dr. Milne has long been in demand internationally as a preacher, teacher and encourager of pastoral leaders.

Dynamic Diversity: Bridging Class, Age, Race and Gender in the Church

Dynamic Diversity

‘Dynamic Diversity ‘ contends that all Christian congregations everywhere are called to be bridging places, centres of reconciliation, where the major diversities separating human beings are overcome through the presence of God’s Holy Spirit.  This book presents a biblical model for today and tomorrow where the diversities of gender, generation, ethnicity, colour and socio-economic status present exciting and challenging opportunities to demonstrate practical oneness. In counteracting contemporary secular notions of diversity and human community, this book features biblical and theological support for a Christian model of diversity, and offers many practical suggestions that will help local congregations embrace diversity.

Inter-Varsity Press, 2007.

Grace and Global Justice: The Socio-Political Mission of the Church in an Age of Globalization

Grace and Global Justice

What does it mean for the twenty-first century church to conceive of itself as a community defined by the covenant of grace? Grace and Global Justice explores the ramifications of this central Christian doctrine for the holistic mission of the church in the context of a globalized world.

Christian Focus, 2006



Know the Truth: A Handbook of Christian Belief

Know the Truth

This thoroughly revised and updated third version of Bruce Milne’s excellent handbook expounds the great themes of God’s Word, and shows how they fit together.  Each chapter deals with one aspect of biblical truth, and the main sections all conclude with practical reflection.  This reference book to systematic theology provides relevant biblical texts, questions for study and discussion, and suggestions for further reading.  Translated into eighteen languages worldwide, this is probably, the globally most widely used primer in Christian belief.  It is considered by many to be a classic introduction to Christian theology.

Inter-Varsity Press: 3rd edition, 2009.

The Book of Acts: ‘Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth’

The Book of Acts

Newly published, this is a commentary on the Acts within a larger U.K. series.  It seeks to explore the first thirty years of the Christian Church’s life from its explosive beginning at Pentecost through to Paul’s prison ministry in Rome.  It attempts to clarify the biblical text and apply it sensitively to the world of today.  Seeing the theme of mission as the heart of Luke’s concern in writing the book, it challenges and encourages churches as they engage in God’s mission in our time. Each chapter is followed by questions for reflection and discussion.

Christian Focus: 2010


The End of the World

Part of a larger series on major Christian Doctrines aimed at informed lay leaders it sets out the basic Biblical teaching on the ‘Last Things’.  It addresses some of the thorny issues such as the millennium, the signs of the times, Israel, the nature of heaven, and how this doctrine effects our lives day by day.

Kingsway Press, 1979.

The Message of Heaven and Hell: Grace and Destiny

The Message of Heaven & Hell

Death is one of the certainties of life.  But what happens beyond death? What inexpressible wonders or unspeakable horrors – will we encounter beyond the pale of this life? Arguing that contemporary culture gives little thought to life after death, this book guides readers through the Bible to examine key texts that illumine the destiny of humanity, the nature of heaven and hell, and the glory of life everlasting in the presence of God.

Inter-Varsity Press, 2006



The Message of John: Here is Your King!

This book, part of the IVP international ‘The Bible Speaks Today’ series, is an exposition of the Gospel of John.  The introduction examines the evidence for the apostle John’s being the author, and the likely date of composition.  Structured around the theme of Christ the King the book has three major sections.  In keeping with the form of the series it expounds through the entire gospel, highlighting the practical and theological implications of the text for contemporary readers. It is a clear introduction to the fourth gospel.

Inter-Varsity Press, 1993




We Belong TogetherThe Meaning of Fellowship

We Belong Together

This began life as a series of articles in the Scottish Baptist Magazine on the New Testament idea of koinonia (fellowship).  It claims that fellowship is ‘an idea whose hour has come’ for Christian churches everywhere. It outlines fellowship’s many dimensions, and suggests ways of developing the quality of community life in congregations.

Inter-Varsity Press, 1978