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Byron Elsey

Byron Elsey

Dr. Byron Elsey is a retired Canadian Baptist prison chaplain and has had 25
years experience working with hundreds of criminals and their families. He
has served in juvenile and adult correctional institutions, as well as being the
founding director of The Community Ministry with Ex-offenders. He worked
as a chaplain primarily in Winnipeg, a city which has one of the highest
crime rates in Canada. He is currently working as the pastor in the Christian
Family Ministry Church in North Winnipeg.


Angels from Hell: A Community Approach to Preventing Crime and
Healing Criminals

This book was written to help prevent crime at the source and rehabilitate
released criminals. The book explores the social problems behind crime,
such as family histories, the consequences of early entry into the penal
system and the complications of re-entering society after incarceration. By
dealing with the issues behind criminal behaviour, Elsey hopes to stop the
cycle of crime and give families and the community the knowledge and tools
to create a safer environment for everyone.

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