Canadian Baptist of Western Canada

Callum Jones

Callum Jones 2012Callum Jones is Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Penticton, BC. He and his wife emigrated to Canada from the UK in 2001, following over 10 years of ordained ministry with the Baptist Union of Great Britain. He was educated at the London School of Theology, UK. He has just submitted for examination a PhD thesis entitled, “The Canadian Baptists of Western Canada: Baptist Identity and Ecumenical Relationships, 1907-1986”.

Interfaces:  Baptists and Others

Interfaces -- Callum JonesInterfaces: Baptists and Others, edited by David Bebbington and Martin Sutherland, is a collection of essays from the International Conference on Baptist Studies held in Melbourne, Australia, in 2009. The book explores how Baptists around the world have related to other Christians. Essays are a mix of localized and more general studies. Callum’s essay is entitled “Western Canadian Baptists and early twentieth-century ecumenical initiatives”.