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Mark McKim

Dr. Mark McKim

Dr. Mark McKim is the  senior minister  of First Baptist Church, Regina.  Before serving at First Baptist, he was  the minister of  Germain Street United Baptist Church in Saint John, NB.  He was educated at the University of New Brunswick, Acadia Divinity College of Acadia University, and Boston University.




Christian Theology for a Secular Society: Singing the Lord’s Song in a Strange Land

Christian Theology for Secular Society

Although Western societies still affirm vague beliefs in God and Christian beliefs, these affirmations have little to do with how daily life is lived.  Instead, life is lived largely without reference to God and Christians must live out their faith as a minority within our secularized and institutionalized culture.  Mark McKim sets out to “do” theology in this context, explaining Christian doctrines to a secular culture-and in a way that will gain a hearing.   All the major Christian doctrines are examined, engaging some of the best of contemporary and historical Christian thinkers.  Throughout, McKim asks the “So what?” question as he relates Christian teachings to a secular society and to what is actually happening in the local church.  His goal is to enable the singing of the Lord’s song in the new and strange land of a secular society.

Wipf & Stock, 2008

Emil Brunner:  A Biography

Emil Brunner

The works of Emil Brunner, widely regarded as one of the world’s best-known neo-orthodox theologians, have been translated into many languages and published throughout the world. This comprehensive bibliography pulls together information about Brunner and his works into a single, easy-to-search source, beginning with an introductory essay tracing Brunner’s life and his major theological contributions. Logically organized and meticulously researched, Emil Brunner is volume 40 in the American Theological Library Association bibliography series and is an important addition to any religious studies reference collection.

Scarecrow Press, 1996