Canadian Baptist of Western Canada

Muriel Brakefield

MurielBrakefieldMuriel Brakefield has written several articles on parenting, community and faith for local magazines in British Columbia. Muriel lives with her husband Alan in the tiny seaside community Mill Bay, north of Victoria in British Columbia. She worships at New Life Community Baptist in Duncan. Muriel is a mother of four grown sons. She loves to read, write and garden.



Cover Photo BreathebrEATh e is a memoir that takes readers into a world where the primal instincts for survival, to eat and breathe, are all but extinguished. Growing up in a picture-perfect Christian family, Muriel’s formation as a young child and the shaping of her spiritual understanding are riddled with cracks. The veiled dysfunction and forgotten secrets send her reeling into an isolated abyss. Struggling with anorexia and depression from the age of fifteen through adulthood, Muriel struggles to make sense of the chaos. Then she remembers, shattering the façade. Amid the rubble of the soulquake, a life must be painstakingly reconstructed. Through facing the dark and difficult truths of her family secrets, Muriel moves from despair through forgiveness,  finding freedom to live in a spacious place of abundance and peace. This tale of triumphal overcoming is a hope-filled celebration, a testimony to the resilience of the human spirit. For people trapped in pain, or for those who love them, this story will shine into those dark crevasses, offering a lifeline of hope and courage.