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Norman Archer

Norman Archer

Norman Archer is a pastor, tour guide and history buff. Currently, he is pastor
of Crosswinds Community Church in Sidney, BC. He was born in England and
educated at Oxford and London University. In his early years, he worked in
Britain’s printing and publishing industry. He became a Baptist minister later in life
and eventually immigrated to Canada. He and his family first moved to Victoria
in 1966, left, and then returned in the 1980’s. A descendent of circus performers
and a natural story-teller, Norman conducts over 100 tours each summer and has guided more than 12,000 people around the City to date.

David, When Only God’s Grace Will Do

David, When Only God’s Grace Will Do

This book is a refreshing analysis of the life of King David that removes the
befogging and often inaccurate aura that frequently surrounds this major Bible
hero. It brings David clearly into focus as a very real human being with faults and
foibles every bit as startling as his virtues. Here is a challenging new view, sure to
generate lively discussion in Bible study groups or family settings.

Christian Herald, 1982 Republished G.R. Welch 1984



Expect a Difference

This is a book that takes a new look at one of the most neglected books in the
New Testament – the Epistle of James. It explodes the myth that there is any
conflict with the Letters of Paul. It deals with relevant issues that are as pertinent
today as they were in the first century. It hits where it hurts. It strikes home. It
pulls no punches. It gives the reader a desire to dig deeper into an Epistle that is
guaranteed to get under skin.

G.R. Welch, 1985

Tales of Old Victoria

This lively book fills a gap in history books about Victoria by providing 25 short
biographic snapshots of the most significant figures in Victoria’s history. Designed
as a fast read for people who want to get a quick sense of the men and women
who shaped Victoria’s early history, this book offers a chronologically ordered
sampling of the fascinating personalities of Victoria’s past and that places these
individuals within the larger context of the events that shaped the city’s history.

Mountainside, 2007

More Tales of Old Victoria

This book is a sequel that continues Victoria’s unfolding panorama from the
perspective of the people who carved out its history, particularly in the early
20th century. There is a third and final book in preparation that will complete the

Mountainside, 2009