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Paul Beckingham

Paul Beckingham

Paul Beckingham is a military chaplain with the British Columbia Regiment
(the Duke of Connaught’s Own), a Cavalry Regiment in Vancouver. Paul has
served on the executive of the London City Mission in the United Kingdom,
developing a young adult’s residential training program in Urban Mission,
and was influential in expanding urban ministry initiatives in Nairobi,
Kenya through pastors in the Africa Brotherhood Church. He became a
chaplain after being severely injured in a car accident in Africa in 1997. Paul
received his DMin from Carey Theological Seminary in 2001 for his thesis
on Traumatic Brain Injury: Implications for Appropriate Pastoral Ministry
Interventions and was Assistant Professor in Church and Mission at Carey at
Carey for several years. As well as being a military chaplain, Paul is also a
Registered Professional Counsellor at Pacific SoulCare.

Walking Towards Hope: Experiencing Grace in a Time of Brokenness

Walking Towards Hope

How do you “come to terms” with those thieving circumstances that rob you
of your very reason for being? How do you make sense of the catastrophic
changes that inundate the people of faith? We hold open the Scriptures with
all of their love, life, promise and hope in one hand, while attempting, in the
other hand, to reconcile our pain and deep despair. This book reflects on
Paul Beckingham’s personal experience of pain and brain trauma, suffered
while working with Canadian Baptist Ministries in Africa in 1997. From
the corridors of a Kenyan hospital to the place he is now as man who is
continuing on his journey of healing and recovery as he discovers God more

Castle Quay Books, 2005

Hot Apple Cider, edited by N.J. Lindquist and Wendy Elaine Nelles

Hot Apple Cider

Ordinary people share their encounters with God as they live life, often in
difficult or unusual circumstances. Paul is one of many authors featured in
this book, writing about the brain trauma and other injuries he experienced
while working in Kenya as a missionary.

That’s Life Publications, 2008



A Second Cup Of Hot Apple Cider: Words to Stimulate the Mind and
Delight the Spirit

In this sequel to Hot Apple Cider, real people share inspirational stories of
their life experiences.

That’s Life Publications, 2011