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Continuing Education

lighthouse_waveThe Form and The Filling

In creation God established order with day and night, sky and sea, land and fresh waters. Into that structure God placed lights, birds, fish, plants and people. The structure of the tabernacle was also later filled giving the Israelites the title “people of the presence of God.” The form of the lament prayer is filled with the drama of the reversal, a vital encounter with God that allows the psalmist to move from despair to hope and praise.

Structures offer the backdrop for life — Life. This is the spirit of continuing education for pastors credentialed with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada.

Continuing Education Units 

Engaging in lifelong learning is essential to the success of ministry in a complex world. Continuing education requirements are common for several professions. Some of our Army Chaplains are required to engage in an hour of physical training each day or face being discharged when the annual physical comes around. The educated among our congregants require that we too commit to ongoing formation.

All credentialed ministers in the CBWC will complete 12.5 continuing education units (CEU) over five years. The clock began in 2011 and will be reset in 2016. Your goal is to achieve 2.5 CEU’s each year beginning now. One CEU is equivalent to 10 hours of reading, lecture and learning.

The 12.5 CEUs can include courses, book studies, degree programs, conferences and other creative possibilities based on learning styles.

Where to Sign Upcup overflowing

The structure of CEUs has been created with the intention of being filled. You and your own learning provide the filling.

Go to Continuing Education Units on Carey Theological College’s website where you can sign up and begin self-reporting on your progress.

Click on  “Tracking Your CEU’s”

Then click on hightlighted text “Carey Student Information System”

In the new browser, fill out the form to create an account.


CBWC Authors


Stories to Tell

When God shows up, when life emerges where there was none, we have a story to tell. Some of us ache to have a place to be engaged in learning, a place that welcomes and celebrates our questions. Some of us need a place to more fully discover our voice, and to sharpen our call. It is your stories that fill this structure. We want to know how God is present to you. We want to know how God is active in your life. We want to know who is doing this and what you are learning. The structure is in place now the filling is up to you.