Canadian Baptist of Western Canada

Continuing Education FAQ

Q. Can I read/study in my first language?

A. Yes, we simply ask that you debrief your learning in English with someone to both pass on and solidify what you have discovered.

Q. I hear there are book lists available. What are the topics covered?

A. We have a growing list submitted by colleagues who act as mentors in the topic; Caring for the Dying (David Morrison), The Spiritual Life (Cam Yates), Emotional Intelligence (Paul Spate)

Q. I see a reflection paper is often due. Who do I send that to?

A. If you have signed up for one of the book lists you can send the reflection to the person named above.

Q. Can I study a topic that is not on the list?

A. Yes, we just ask that you clear the topic and the amount of reading with Rod Olson or your area minister.

Q. Can I study with a group of colleagues?

A. Yes please! There is nothing like learning in the context of community. Feel free to decide together the topic you would like to pursue in counsultation with Rod Olson. We would like to make the topic available to others.

Q. How many CEU’s can I get for different types of study, reading course work?

A. More information on “Counting your CEU’s” can be found at Carey

Q. Will someone check up on me to see that I am doing the work?

A. Though this would be welcome for some, continuing education programs are seen as self-motivated and depend on self-reporting.

Q. How can I learn from what others are learning?

A. We will share stories through Making Connections, our CBWC website and during Banff Pastors Conference and Assembly. Your stories will be what overflows into our communities.