Canadian Baptist of Western Canada

Affinity Groups

img_0739‘Affinity’ is defined by the Gage Dictionary (a truly Canadian invention) as “a natural attraction to a person or liking for a thing. Our first affinity is for Christ and his church. Beyond that, we gather in groups around affinity for things like art and justice in the Christian life so we can share models, build community, encourage one another and develop new things in our life together.

We hope to grow our Affinity Group participation to better connect our diverse family. Some groups are currently aactive and open for you to join. Others are potential groups that will start if there is interest so please click on the links below for more information or to contact the organizer.


Affinity Groups

If you have a small group of CBWC people already gathering around an affinity, please contact

Jill Schuler at to list it here and let the rest of our CBWC family know about it.