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Children and Families (CFam)

The goal of CBWC’s Children and Families Ministry (CFam) is to raise the value of and enhance the effectiveness of Children and Family Ministries in local churches by equipping and connecting leaders, resourcing churches, and providing a voice for children and families on a denominational level.

We believe it is possible to make a difference in the lives of children and families when we understand the value that Jesus placed on them and how they fit into the whole congregation and wider family of God.

Abuse Prevention Policies and Recommendations
All of us like to think of our churches as places of welcome, love and trust where no harm will come to our children or those who are vulnerable. Sadly, many predators take advantage of the trusting and open environment within a church. It is essential that each and every CBWC church take active steps to prevent sexual abuse within their congregations. Visit the Abuse Prevention page for helpful resources and to download our Abuse Prevention Manual.

Sherry’s Shelf
Here are a few recommendations of books that can help your Children and Families ministry thrive:


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