Canadian Baptist of Western Canada

Homelessness & Affordable Housing

Homeless & Hurting

Through its ministry for Homelessness and Affordable Housing, the CBWC is working to address homelessness.  A high proportion of our CBWC churches have outreach ministries to people who are homeless and want to do more.

To promote and encourage new and ongoing ministries, the CBWC is working to establish networks of churches already serving the homeless and to provide resource information and material for further efforts.

Homelessness in Canada is a complex and difficult problem. Simply defined, homelessness is a lack of conventional place to live, such as an apartment or house.  Homelessness affects far too many people; immigrants, refugees and Canadians moving across the country to find work.  In our major cities there are thousands of people living on the streets and sleeping in shelters and different churches every night.  Especially in large urban centers like Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg where thousands are homeless, but also in smaller cities too – homelessness is rising.  Homelessness is caused by situations like poverty, lack of affordable housing, addictions, health problems and mental illness.  Very few people choose to be homeless. This ministry works to help raise awareness about homelessness, but also to encourage and support action from local churches in the CBWC. The consequences of homelessness are severe:

  • Lack of adequate food and nutrition
  • Constantly seeking new shelter
  • Risk of harassment, sexual and physical assault
  • Poor access to medical and social services
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Lack of adequate clothing
  • Poor job prospects
  • Development of mental health and/or substance abuse problems

If you are interested in finding out more about the CBWC’s work to address homelessness, contact any member of the Justice and Mercy Network.