Canadian Baptist of Western Canada

Justice & Mercy Network

darfur refugees The CBWC’s Justice and Mercy Network  (JMN) seeks to inspire and equip churches in their:

  • theological vision of the Kingdom of God so that it fully includes the pursuit of justice and mercy
  • development of a skilful and wise social analysis of injustice that provides
    • ability to courageously identify and understand the root causes of  injustice,
    • exposure to creative and effective responses to injustice,
    • attempts to seek a more just world that embodies the peace or Shalom of God,
    • participation in justice and mercy networks

To do this, the JMN is undertaking projects that will provide churches with:

  • a theological framework for justice and mercy
  • analysis of social issues
  • exposure to specific responses to spark imaginative action
  • networking and connecting to people engaged in action
  • justice and mercy resources

The JMN focuses primarily on 5 areas:vegetable garden

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Sermons Providing Theological Framework

What to Do About Human Trafficking

Justice & Mercy Church Bulletins 


The network is most actively involved in organizing workshops for the CBWC’s Assembly and Banff Pastors’ Conference on these 5 areas of focus.  It is also creating resources for churches to use and collecting sermons from CBWC pastors to support churches as they deepen their resolve to act in justice and mercy.

HomelessThe current members of the JMN are:

  • Tim Dickau, Senior Pastor of Grandview Calvary Baptist, Vancouver (Chair)
  • Jeremy Bell, Executive Minister for CBWC
  • Gord King, CBM’s Global Discipleship and Canadian Engagement Specialist
  • Dr. Bruce Martin, Senior Pastor of First Baptist, Lethbridge
  • Dr. Paul Matheson, Senior Pastor of First Baptist, Saskatoon
  • Rod Olson, Coordinator for Refugees and Uprooted Peoples
  • Ceal McLean, Senior Writer and Editor for CBWC
  • Mark Doerksen, CBWC’s Heartland Regional Minister
  • Jill Schuler, Administrative Associate to the Executive Minister