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environmentEarth is our temporary home. We are reminded throughout the book of Genesis, however interpreted, that this home that God created for us is good. As God’s stewards, we have the privilege and responsibility of caring for this earthly home. Rejecting the idea that we are on earth to dominate it and use it carelessly only for our wealth and personal benefit, Christians are called to care for our temporary home, fixing the problems we have caused by ignorance and greed and minimizing our negative impacts in the present and future.

There is so much to do to solve the challenges of climate change, industrial waste, water management, waste management, rising populations, deforestation, urbanization, mass transportation, etc. – and the problems seem so big and beyond personal control. But like the mustard seed that starts out small and grows into a large plant, Christians, acting individually, in their churches and through non-profit environmental organizations, can make a difference that will preserve the beautiful world God has given us. Here are some resources to get you started.

Theological Reflection on Creation Care

Reading Resources on Environment

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