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Homelessness & Affordable Housing

Homes for allHomelessness is a pressing problem across Canada.  More and more Canadians are homeless, particularly in our large cities, and more Canadians are at risk of becoming homeless.  Many destitute and vulnerable people live on the street but many more are hidden homeless who have no permanent place to stay but stay with friends or family temporarily before moving on to the next place of refuge.  Even more people are at risk of homelessness because the high cost of housing makes them spend too much of their monthly income on housing.

Each community has a different homelessness and affordable housing profile but in general the causes of homelessness are similar, including the shortage of affordable housing, inability of incomes to keep up with housing costs, rising housing prices when available jobs increase the number of people wanting to live in specific locations, poverty, personal crisis, mental health disorders and addictions.  Many who are homeless have jobs but simply cannot find an affordable place to live.  About 10% of the homeless are families.

Homelessness is a complex issue and a difficult one to solve.  As Christians, God calls us to care for the homeless. The following resources might help get you started.

Theological Reflection on Homefullness

Reading Resources

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65+ Ways to Support the Homeless

Study Questions

Church Bulletin on Homelessness