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darfur refugeesThere are almost 11 million refugees and displaced peoples globally. They are uprooted from their home country to flee wars and civil wars or persecution for reasons such as their ethnic origins, religion, political beliefs, gender or gender orientation. The life of a refugee is full of suffering, poverty, loss or separation from family members, fear and uncertainty. Many refugees can never go home again.

As Christians, we know that we are living in our temporary home until we are at home with God. We know what it is like to be out of place, to be a stranger in a foreign land. God has called us to be welcoming and hospitable to all, including the stranger. There is much we can do for refugees, from church sponsorship of individuals and families to advocating for more just and fair refugee policies from our government. Here are some resources that can help you and your church get started.

Theological Reflection on Refugees

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