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The JMN is also collecting sermons from CBWC pastors to share so church members and other Christians can gain a theological framework on justice and mercy issues.

We have the following sermons available:





Tim DickauTim Dickau, Senior Pastor of Grandview Calvary Baptist, Vancouver

Why Jesus Mixes Religion and Politics
The Call to Reconciliation



David Jenkins, Senior Pastor of Kitsilano Christian Community Church, Vancouver

The Servant
Break the Rod (audio); text


Bruce MartinBruce Martin, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Lethbridge, AB

Christmas is a Verb
Get a Grip: Coming to Terms With Evil
What Does The Lord Require – To Act Justly
What Does the Lord Require – To Love Mercy
What Does The Lord Require — To Walk Humbly With Your God
A Cause Worth Living For



Ryan Sato 2Ryan Sato, Senior Pastor of FBC, Edmonton, AB

God’s Dream, Part 1: The Welfare of the City
God’s Dream, Part 2: The Shalom (Welfare) of the People


jonathan_wilsonJonathan Wilson, Pioneer McDonald Professor of Theology and Ethics , Carey Theological, Vancouver 

Swords, Servants, Salvation

Holy Week, Holy Justice



shelby_greggShelby Gregg, former CBWC Administrative Associate, Vancouver

Reflections on Justice and Mercy




These sermons were provided in response to a request from the CBWC’s Justice and Mercy Network.  Although they reflect the author’s personal theological reflections and are not official CBWC policy, the CBWC is grateful for this reflection and affirms its content as a resource to promote theological reflection and discussion.