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Refugees & Uprooted Peoples

There are 13.9 million refugees around the world. Canadians can act in justice and mercy by sponsoring refugees to live in Canada and by seeking to change the political and economic conditions that create refugees. In 2015, the CBWC cast an ambitious vision to sponsor 30 refugee families.  By the end of 2016, we have brought more than 100 refugees to Canada with about 150 more in the process of being sponsored.

The 30 in 2015 campaign is part of a national Baptist movement to welcome 100 refugee families to Canada this year. For more information, download the 30 in 2015 Power Point.

Poverty and poorness on the children face. Sad little girl. Refugee. In Muslim mother's arms.

Contact Majd AlAjji if you are interested in sponsoring a refugee family at



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