Canadian Baptist of Western Canada

How to Serve

Short Term Missions

Justice #1You don’t have to go overseas to serve! The Canadian Baptists of Western Canada facilitates a wide range of short term mission opportunities located in Western Canada. Whether you want to share the intense experience of serving and living with people in Canada’s poorest neighbourhood, participate in residential camps or help out with a church planting project, there are many ministry opportunities where you can fulfill your desire to serve God in a life-transforming setting.

Short Term Missions projects are intended to:

  • Introduce individuals and communities to God (Inviting faith)
  • Relieve suffering and poverty, and advance social justice (Acting in mercy)
  • Promote leadership development (Cultivating leaders)

Other projects may also be considered if they support the mission, vision and goals of the CBWC and its churches.

How to Serve

Short term missions can take many forms. They can be as short as 3 days and as long as a year. Many are in the summer and would be a great experience for high school and university students who want to make a difference and learn more about the world at the same time. Many of the ministries could also become a regular commitment throughout the year, such as serving one day a month at a food bank or once a week at an after school program.

If you are interested in participating in a short-term mission, contact the CBWC head office in Calgary.

Where You Can Serve

Service opportunities are being created on an ongoing basis. Eventually, we will have service opportunities available in all four Western Provinces and in the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.


Participation in some (but not all) of our short term missions may involve some modest costs to the participants. These costs may be required to cover basic expenses so the ministry in need isn’t burdened with the costs of hosting volunteers.

Relationship with Canadian Baptist Ministries

Short Term Missions provides members and friends of Canadian Baptists of Western Canada with opportunities to serve God in Western Canada. In contrast, Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) facilitates mission opportunities for our neighbours across Canada and around the world, wherever they may live.

The CBWC greatly values CBM’s work in Western Canada and around the world and remains fully committed to encouraging new partnerships between CBM and churches in Western Canada. By creating our Short Term Missions program, we seek to enhance the work of CBM by expanding the opportunities for service by Christians living in Western Canada for Western Canada.