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Ministry of the Month: Settlement

Each month in 2016 we will feature a CBWC ministry that is impacting our family of churches as they seek to serve their communities. You’ll learn about valuable resources being made available to your congregation, and how you can be involved in the continued growth of the ministry.

December 2016: Settlement

The CBWC supports churches by helping them hire pastoral staff.  Alberta/NWT Regional Minister Dennis Stone is the CBWC’s Settlement Coordinator.  Dennis, with support from Administrative Assistant Sue Hunter, assists churches throughout the hiring process.  The CBWC considers calling new staff to be a spiritual exercise, not merely the process of filling a job vacancy,

When a church wishes to call new staff, the Settlement Coordinator will guide it through a tried and tested hiring process, suggest interim staff if needed to bridge the transition period between old and new staff, help advertise for vacant positions via the CBWC website, keep a confidential list of suitable candidates and support the church through the discernment and selection process.  The Settlement Office makes a detailed Pastoral Search Manual available to churches to simplify the process and help churches as they seek God’s leading in these vital decisions.

Churches seeking pastoral staff can contact the Settlement Office directly by emailing or by phone at 1-800-474-6018 or 780-462- 2176.


November 2016: Women in Focus

Our family of churches has been ordaining women for pastoral leadership for over 50 years. But beyond that, we believe every woman is ordained by God, gifted by His Spirit for important Kingdom work. Women in Focus is a leadership team that works across Western Canada to enrich and resource women within the CBWC.jerico-beach

Women in Focus creates resource materials such as Bible studies and offers many workshops to encourage leadership and mentoring opportunities. WiF holds annual regional retreats and coordinates annually the Great Canadian Bible Challenge as a way to learn scripture and raise funds for Women’s Literacy in Rwanda, Kenya and the DR Congo. The Gifted and Called Weekend Training Program supports women as they discover gifts they are passionate about and learn practical leadership skills for ministry.  Other workshops build on this so that women are equipped for ministry and leadership.  

What You Can Do

Pray for both women and men, that their relationships can be built on equality, mutual respect and dignity, and that they can serve as Christ-focused role models to children.  Discover the ways women are mobilized for ministry in your church and become part of the Women in Focus network.  If nothing exists in your church, start something.  Women in Focus would be very pleased to offer workshops for both women and men at your church or in your local community. We are also seeking passionate women to join our team so contact Faye Reynolds at  


October 2016: Justice and Mercy Network

bigstock-homeless-man-being-handed-bowl-110270327The mandate of Christians to honor God by living lives of justice and mercy is written again and again across the pages of Scripture. For this reason, the Justice and Mercy Network seeks to inspire and equip CBWC churches in their theological vision of the Kingdom of God and their development of a skilful and wise social analysis of injustice. The JMN creates and distributes resources such as theological frameworks, reading lists and Bible studies on justice and mercy topics such as refugees, homelessness and affordable housing, environment, poverty and aboriginal issues to equip and support churches exploring  JMN is a volunteer committee of the CBWC comprised of pastors from across Western Canada and several CBWC staff.  It is chaired by Rev. Tim Dickau, Senior Pastor of Grandview Calvary Baptist Church in Vancouver, BC.

What You Can Do

Prayer is our first response when we see injustice.  Pray for those who are impacted by injustice wherever and whenever you see it.  Get informed about the issues and seek out those who are already acting with God’s compassion to create a world that better reflects God’s character.  Check out JMN resources at and contact the JMN at if you have ideas, thoughts or questions.

September 2016: Church Planting

Our vision is to rapidly multiply the number of Christian disciples in our churches. And that means multiplying our churches too. Church planting looks different in each context, so our support is built around the needs of each group.Church-Planting1

God may be calling you to start a new church. If you are interested in leading a church plant, being assessed and trained to be a church planter, or being part of a new church planting effort, contact your regional Church Planting Director.

Thank you so very much for the support this year. We deeply appreciate our extended Church Family helping us as a young church! ~ Mill Bay Baptist Fellowship

What You Can Do

Our new churches need administrative support and mentorship. Please consider becoming a partner church. Perhaps you could lead worship, teach Sunday School, or send a short-term missions team.

New churches aren’t often financially sustainable right away. Consider becoming a Venture partner. Or maybe you have equipment or ministry space you could offer? Contact Director of Church Planting Shannon Youell at to get involved.


August 2016: Refugee Sponsorship Coordination

Refugees1The crisis in Syria has opened many of our eyes to the immediate and crucial needs of those who are displaced and are wanting a fresh start in Canada. The response to last year’s “30 in 2015: Welcoming Refugees” campaign has been incredible and many of our churches are currently in the process of sponsoring refugee families into their communities. However, the CBWC’s commitment to the Biblical mandate of helping refugees from around the globe started long before 2015 and will continue long after the media coverage of Syria dies down.

What You Can Do: Faithful Consistency

The increase of churches wanting to engage in refugee sponsorship has meant a jump in denominational staff time needed to administrate and support each new sponsorship relationship. By joining our team of faithful monthly donors, no matter how large or small your gift, you can help us ensure consistent care for each church as they walk through the sponsorship process.

July 2016: Camps


July 2016 features CBWC’s camps.

Camps are in full swing, including our seven camps where children learn about God’s life-changing love while having the best fun of their lives.

Running a camp can be tricky, but the CBWC has been committed to coming alongside our camps in the difficult times, because we know how spiritually formative the camp experience is. Today, our camps allow about 4,500 children each year the opportunity of learning about God in a safe, creative environment.

What You Can Do: Bless A Camp Leader

Have you or your children been blessed by someone at camp? Why not return the favour? Visit our camps page for info about the camp directors, and send one of them an encouraging note this summer.



June 2016: Carey

Carey Theological College is the seminary of the CBWC. Carey is an accredited school of the Association of Theological Schools in the USA and Canada, and is an affiliated college of the University of British Columbia.

Utilizing a combination of online courses and hybrid online-and-onsite courses, the College offers these programs:

  • Doctor of Ministry
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Divinity with a concentration in North American Chinese Church Ministries
  • Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation

What You Can Do: Learn and Pray

Being part of the CBWC family means support for those wanting to pursue theological education. If you’re looking for help with your pastoral training, or you’d like to contribute to the support of students, talk to your regional minister or visit Carey’s website for more information. And please join us in prayer for the faculty and students as they seek to be transformed into God’s ways by the renewing of their minds (Romans 12:2).


May 2016: Youth

While there’s no doubt that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, have we considered that the young people in our congregations have powerful contributions to make to God’s kingdom now?

Youth2 Youth1CBWC Youth Director Tammy Klassen and the Youth Leadership Team serve the youth local church youth ministries by providing resources, discipleship, inspiration and opportunities for youth to grow together, such as SERVE. This annual week-long service and worship event provides a simple, inexpensive opportunity for CBWC youth workers to train and grow closer with their youth.

What You Can Do: Serve The Youth

SERVE is coming up July 3-9 2016. Donate to support the work of the Youth Director, volunteer to serve at the event, or sponsor kids from your church to experience a life-changing week of Christian community, teaching, service, worship and fun! Visit for more information.


April 2016: Leadership Forums.

Jesus’ great commission calls us to make disciples. Disciples are not just people who have said a prayer or attend a religious gathering, but those who are being transformed into the likeness of Jesus and drawing others into deeper relationship with Him. This is one reason that the CBWC offers Leadership Forums: free training evenings throughout the year for those in our congregations who want to grow into mature, effective disciples.







Leadership Forums bring the realities of today’s culture into spiritual perspective through Bible-centric seminars from leaders across our denomination.

What You Can Do: Help us Gather
Who in your church may need some encouragement towards maturity? Bring them with you to a Leadership Forum near you. Alternatively, you can support the work of leadership development through financial giving. Would you consider sponsoring a Forum to help cover the cost of speakers, food and venues?



March: Children and Famililes

The Children and Families Ministry of the CBWC (CFam) is committed to raising the value and enhancing the effectiveness of ministry to children and families in our churches and communities.

CFam supports our churches in several ways: offering leadership training through seminars and workshops; sharing curriculum, teaching and parenting resources; connecting and supporting ministry leaders and volunteers; and providing a voice for children and families ministries on a denominational level. CFam has also prepared an Abuse Prevention Manual containing suggestions and protocol sections for the safety and security of our children.CFam1

What You Can Do: Undergird CFam with Prayer and Finances

Support ministries like CFam are crucial for the day-to-day life of our churches, but success in this ministry requires an ongoing covering of prayer and financial resources. Would you consider becoming a monthly donor so that we can do our best to equip and support our congregations for the long haul? And please join us in prayer! Tackling issues like spiritual parenting and abuse prevention is a huge task, and only through God’s power can we see His will come to fruition in the lives of young people across Western Canada.

Contact CFam’s Director, Sherry Bennett, at



February: Church Health

Healthy churches grow and thrive.  But to do so, as a living body, churches must be attentive to the seasons of life. The CBWC’s Church Health and Renewal Ministry provides the resources and support churches need so they serve God fully.

If your church wants to renew its health, one of the best places to start is through the CBWC’s Church Health Engagement Process. Here’s what Doug Smith, Moderator at West Vancouver Baptist Church, has to say about going through the Engagement Process:Church-Health3

After coming through a couple of years of very challenging transitions culminating with the need to call a new Lead Pastor, we were strongly in need of a framework in which to move forward. Sam Breakey and the CBWC gave us that framework. A framework that allowed us to step back and humble ourselves before God, and then engage the congregation, gather data, conduct a church health check-up and begin to develop a Mission and Vision to boldly move forward. Sam Breakey’s deep experience combined with quiet leadership attributes make him an excellent facilitator of this process.

And here’s the response to the Engagement Process from a church leader at Crescent Heights Baptist Church in Calgary:

Thank you so much for believing in our ability to make good decisions with God’s help and reminding us once again not to rely on our own strength or to dwell on our failings. After all we are the redeemed! I want to give praise and honour to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for holding us up and keeping us strong through this process. I am filled with anticipation for what the future holds.Church-Health2

Share your story
Have you experienced transformation in your congregation through the Church Health Engagement Initiative? We want to hear from you! Email Cailey at to find out how your story can be used to encourage other churches.

Contact our Church Health Strategist, Sam Breakey, at or your Regional Minister to determine if the Church Health Engagement Process is a helpful tool for your congregation.