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Returning a Gift to a Donor

This article comes from the CRA website. Can a registered Charity return a gift to a donor? In most cases, a registered charity cannot return a donor’s gift. At law, a gift transfers ownership of the money or other gifted property from the donor to the charity. Once the transfer is made, the charity is […]

Keats Camp reaches record numbers, grows its mission

“The biggest thing, why we do camp, is anchoring the next generation with the life changing power of Jesus. If we can get them to move a little bit farther along that journey of understanding that God is who he says he is and we’ll do what he says he will do,” says Keats Executive […]

CBWC Youth power up tools to SERVE

Over 200 youth came from across western Canada to SERVE the community of Brandon, Manitoba last month. “It’s become the highlight of our youth group,” says Filipino Evangelical Church youth pastor Clinton Legaspi. “We tell them it’s a missions trip, where they’re going to work, to do hard labour. And if the opportunity comes to […]

A record year of refugee sponsorships is just the beginning

One hundred and ninety-three individuals, almost half of them children, arrived in Canada last year to the welcome arms of CBWC church communities. Fifty-one more were sponsored and are waiting for final approval to come. Most years we sponsor between 6 and 12 refugees, so last year was remarkable. The high number was possible because […]

Ministry of the Month: Women in Focus

Women in Focus (WiF) hosted an annual gathering for Vancouver Island women at First Baptist Port Alberni this summer. It’s one of the BC region’s semi-annual mini retreats. (In the fall they host a mainland retreat.)  Shannon Youell, CBWC’s church planting coordinator, came to speak on rhythms of delight and rhythms of rest.  “It’s a […]

Can charities issue donation receipts for gifts of services?

This article comes from the CRA website. A charity cannot issue a receipt for a gift of service. At law, a gift is a voluntary transfer of property without consideration. Contributions of services (for example, time, skills, effort) are not property. Therefore, they do not qualify as gifts for the purposes of issuing official donation […]

For the love of Peace River

  In June the First Baptist Church of Peace River, AB spend a full day in service of the city, for the love of Peace River. Church members volunteered all over town to show their love of the community in a God-inspired way. Chelsea Freidt who organized the event says,”We just want people to know that we […]

Meet your new Executive Minister!

As of July 1, 2017 Rob Ogilvie is the new Executive Minister of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. He’s been a CBWC member, pastor, and Regional Minister for a long time, and he’s done so throughout our various regions. So lots of you already know Rob, but for those who don’t and for those […]

Stories from the Calgary office: Budgeting for ministry work

The CBWC Calgary Office & Director of Administration and Finance This the beginning of a series of articles exploring the work of CBWC’s Calgary office. The Calgary office the hub of daily operations, and lots of great stories come out of their work. We want to share some of them with you over the coming […]

The Gathering 2017 Roundup

It feels like half a year past, but it was really just over a month ago that CBWC delegates and staff swarmed Calgary for the biennial Gathering. Last month’s newsletter we talked about the vote to adopt UNDRIP as a framework for (re)conciliation, and shared a few photos from the event. But a lot more […]