Canadian Baptist of Western Canada


Vol 12 No.44 Building Community in an Unconnected World

Dear friends, Lat week we spoke about the challenges of our geography and I reminded you in a previous letter of an older and very experienced hand at Regional Assemblies, Annual Gatherings, and the old Federation Triennial, who intimated to me that we communicate far more than we ever did but we never see each […]

Vol 12 No. 43 Building Community

Dear friends, This is a brief note so that you might chew over the issues it raises.  Be not discouraged but let’s challenge and encourage each other to the building of community.  For more than a dozen years now we have not had an annual Assembly while the 3 other partner denominations in Canada (CBOQ, […]

Vol 12 No. 42 National Work Together

Dear friends, In April of 2015 in conjunction with the North American Baptist Fellowship (NABF) annual meeting in Vancouver representatives from senior staff in CBWC, Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ), Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC), the French Baptist Union (UEBFC), plus Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) met in Vancouver. We set about trying […]

Vol 12 No. 41 Christ and Culture

Dear friends, Is culture part of our calling and incarnational, or does it present a crisis for the church?  Response to the above title is both John 3:16 and 3:17: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have […]

Vol 12 No. 40 Thanksgiving

Dear friends, What better way to start a Thanksgiving letter than by quoting the apostle Paul in Philippians 1:3 “I thank my God every time I remember you.”  Indeed there are many I know and I count myself among them who give thanks and pray in such a way when they remember this family of […]

Vol 12 No. 39 Update Items for Prayer and Celebration

Dear friends, Most of this letter is dedicated to the Board meetings that occurred last weekend (23-24 September) here at Carey Centre in Vancouver, BC. All the topics are about the Board meetings with one exception and that is the topic of refugees. Rod Olson no longer leads this initiative as he has done so […]

Vol 12 No. 38 Banff Pastors & Spouses Conference 2016

Dear friends, As we prepare to gather together at the Banff Pastors and Spouses Conference, I pray that our time together will be filled with rest and renewal, and that you leave motivated and spiritually recharged. As we are led in worship by Andrea Tisher, in study of Scripture by Iain Provan, and taught by […]

Vol 12 No. 37 On Time (thanks to the prompting of Matt Kitchener)

Dear friends, I attended West Point Grey Baptist Church in Vancouver this past Sunday and was taken by some teaching on time (amongst many other themes) beginning this Fall by being stewards of God’s time and indeed his timing in our lives.  Matt Kitchener was very helpful especially when he described the anxiousness or almost […]

Vol 12 No. 36 Neighbours

Dear friends, I thought I would let others give you a brief update on Fort McMurray.  Approximately $120,000 has come in so far.  It was very moving to talk to Sam Breakey and Dennis Stone about some of the stories they heard when they visited Fort Mac on our behalf.  First, here’s a link to […]

Bill Toller

September 1 — It is with sadness we announce the death of Rev. William (Bill) Ernest James Toller on Aug 19, 2016. Bill was married to Gwen and had four children, Gerry, Anne, Jim, and Rob. He was pastor for over 50 years in various churches including 3 small churches in rural Quebec, Clive Baptist […]