Canadian Baptist of Western Canada


Vol 2 No. 10 Some Updates

There are several areas I would like to tell you about. Past, present and upcoming events. Every year in early March the denomination asks new pastors to attend an orientation. I thought you might be interested in who came this year and where they were from. I also thought you might be interested in the […]

Vol 2 No. 9 Ash Wednesday

I would like to thank several who wrote in with ideas of Lent and Easter observations, particularly Mark McKim’s comments from First Regina. They are as follows:  I’ve imported something from my last church, to FBC Regina.  Two Sundays before Lent begins a bulletin insert appears headed “Lenten Disciplines.”  It explains something about Lent, and […]

Vol 2 No. 8 Lent

T. S. Elliot says many things in this quote from his poem The Rock, but one of the themes that he represents is a brilliant synopsis of this Lenten / Easter season. The phrase that leaps out at me most clearly is the last line “Darkness now, then Light.” From: The Rock There shall always […]

Vol 2 No. 7 Gifts of Christmas

I would like to talk about a most unusual topic today. I would like to talk about Christmas. The Christmas that is past and the one about 10 months away. Given Sunday shopping these last few years Christmas 2006 is about 315 shopping days away give or take a stat holiday. I specifically want to […]

Vol 2 No. 6 Pressures on Pastors

I would like to spend just a little time reviewing some recent news and telling you about some news heading your way in the next few weeks. I begin with thanking Shelby Gregg, Andrew Miller, and Steve Fisher for the excellent work they do in bringing our video clips on the web. While I am […]

Vol 2 No. 5 Encouraging Leadership

There are very few measurements of how leadership in a church is meeting the challenges of life in the body of Christ. There are lots of questions in how those in responsibility are growing spiritually, how they see their ministry as a call, who is monitoring them, who are they encouraging. There are many questions […]

Vol 2 No. 4 Catching our Breath

At the time of writing the results of the federal election were not known. That lack of information may make the following passage easier to read for some of you but I trust it is a sincere and complete commitment for all of us who call ourselves Christians and for all of us who want […]

Vol 2 No. 3 Comment on Upcoming Election

I would like to tell you how to vote in the upcoming federal election. Those of you that know me understand the previous statement to be an outrageous literary device to get your attention. Now that I have your attention, I want to assure you of three things. First of all, I don’t know how […]

Vol 2 No. 2 Resource Centre

A considerable amount of care, thought, and effort has gone into a new and revitalized resource centre at the Baptist Union. The centre houses over 90 titles and in excess of 450 individual books, DVD’s, CD’s, and instructional material. The centre was created to give access to our church leadership in the Union for biblical, […]

Vol 2 No. 1 New Year’s Reflections

“For surely I know the plans I have for you , says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.” Jeremiah 29:11  A very happy New Year to all in this community called the Baptist Union. Today’s newsletter comes at a time when some of the […]