Canadian Baptist of Western Canada


Vol 1 No. 19 Banff Pastors Conference

First, some miscellaneous notes: I have had a fair amount of feedback on the Creeds and Statement of Faith discussion. It is a discussion, not a denominational trajectory, on the radar of the Board and Senior Staff but initiated by me and I take responsibility for facilitating a lively debate, not for pre-determining its conclusion. […]

Vol 1 No. 18 CBM

I spent the week of October 25 to 31st in Montreal at the board meetings of the Canadian Baptist Ministries. Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) is a uniting and enabling organization that brings the largest Baptist groups in the country together. These groups include: ∙ United Baptist Convention of the Atlantic Provinces ∙ L’Union d’Eglises Baptistes […]

Vol 1 No. 17 Remembrance Day

This year marks the 60th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War. What follows is a blunt, and in some places disturbing reflection of that event. Each year the number of veterans for the Second World War become fewer and fewer. The stories become harder to retrieve. Our dependence on memory becomes more […]

Vol 1 No. 16 Creeds

We have a great deal to be thankful for as Baptists as we have (by and large) been the historical advocates for the religious tolerance, separation of church and state and the biblical “marriage” between social justice and evangelism. One of the distinctives that many are most enamoured with is that we are not a […]

Vol 1 No. 15 Telling Stories

I came to this task and calling as Executive Minister with a passionate commitment to find God’s story as His activity is made known amongst us. I promised to find those stories and find as many ways as possible to tell them. I am committed to these stories for two “clusters” of reasons. The first […]

Vol 1 No. 14 Affinity Groups

At 8:00am on Monday morning, October 3rd, I waited at Vancouver Airport for the plane to take off and head toward Calgary. The flight attendant cheerfully bid us all a good afternoon. My day was already happening too fast. As we landed in Alberta on a crisp, clear, beautiful Monday morning, once again our zealous […]

Vol 1 No. 13 New Governor General

Canada has a new Governor General. Her name is the Honourable Michaëlle Jean. As we mark her appointment to this office may we remember 1 Timothy 2:1-3: First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions and thanksgivings be made for everyone, for kings and all who are in high positions, so that we […]

Vol 1 No. 12 Update

I would like to begin this week’s letter by giving thanks for Ying An the Baptist Union Development Fund Treasurer who is leaving us to work for the SNC Lavelin. Ying has had a fascinating journey in these last five years; coming to Canada, learning English, coming to First Baptist Calgary, working at the Baptist […]

Vol 1 No. 11 Terry Fox

As Canadians we so rarely allow ourselves heroes. We save our adulation for people in their dying rather than pausing to give thanks for them when they are with us. We are getting better. We almost allow ourselves to give thanks for Romeo Dalerre, Katrina LeMay Dolm or Ric Hansen. But these folk are too […]

Vol 1 No. 10 Resources

We want to talk this week about resources for personal, congregational and spiritual foundation. When it comes to resources it is probably best to refer to Charles Dickens’s comment in A Tale of Two Cities; “It was the best of times and it was the worst of time.” It is the best of times because […]