Author Muriel Brakefield’s Memoir “brEAThe”

MurielBrakefieldThe CBWC website now has its first female author featured under the Learn/CBWC Authors section of our website.  Muriel Brakefield, of Mill Bay, BC has written a memoir of her life, entitled brEAThe.

brEAThe tells the story of Muriel’s life growing up in a picture-perfect Christian family that was actually deeply dysfunctional.  She responded to the repressed memories of prolonged abuse through anorexia and depression from the age of 15 through much of her adulthood.  When she remembered what happened to her years later, while happily married and raising four lively sons, the façade cracked. Muriel then found herself navigating a bombardment of escalating medications, repeated hospitalizations in psychiatric facilities, several suicide attempts and scores of shock therapy sessions.   She had a harrowing life journey that takes her towards truth and eventually to forgiveness as she discovered her essential wellness and her wholeness in God.  brEAThe is her story.

Muriel lives in Mill Bay, BC, with her husband Alan and worships at New Life Community Church in Duncan.  Her book can be ordered from