BCY Regional Newsletter January 2021

The Call to Serve

A note from BCY Regional Minister, Larry Schram

We are servants.

Jesus repeatedly reminded His disciples that the pathway to success in His Kingdom was not by power, authority, or striving for entitlements. Instead, to be His follower, you needed to become a servant, humbly laying aside your rights, and taking up His call to serve. 

Many Biblical passages communicate this expectation and many churches in our family of faith have taken the truth to heart and acted accordingly. Serving the needs of those close to home and around the globe have led many of us to give time, skills, and money in sacrificial ways. To make the point, two stories from the BCY region of our family of churches follow.

Jesus calls us to serve in His name and, like Mary, we can embrace the role of being the Lord’s servant and yield to His will (Luke 1:38). The challenge before us, however, is as simple as it is ancient. The Scriptures warn to not let the world around us squeeze us into its own mould (Romans 12:2). How do we know if we are being squeezed? I believe that one of the signs, among many, is when we forget that we are called to serve, and instead start fighting for our own needs to be met at the expense of serving the needs of others.

Jesus calls us to do what He did and willingly lay down our rights and sacrificially serve. The culture/world around us, on the other hand, calls us to fight for our rights and protect ourselves. Are you ready for the hard question? Which one of these forces is most evident in your life right now?

As we enter this year to come, let us embrace it as servants until we are known for what our Lord is known for: sacrifice and service.

WRBC Trunk or Treat Event

Submitted by White Rock Baptist Church

The first annual WRBC Trunk or Treat event was a huge success! People from all over the lower mainland attended and had a great time! There were approximately 500 guests who received 12,000 treats–mini-chocolate bars, candies, treats, chips, wagon wheels and more! The parking lot had lots of fun decorations and hanging lights strung throughout, along with 22 cars, each decorated with different themes. A fog machine, music, and movies playing on the outside walls added to the fun. Parents were able to enjoy hot chocolate and coffee. All for free! We look forward to having another free community event soon.

Loving Thy Neighbour

Southside – Edmonds
By Shelley Roxburgh

Southside Community Church, a multi-neighbourhood community of Christ followers, started in in the Edmonds neighbourhood of Burnaby. From the beginning in 1992, until today, we

continue to have opportunities to proclaim the good news of Jesus and His kingdom through being in, with and for our neighbours. We are privileged to be with those who are impoverished and underhoused.

There are several opportunities to be with these neighbours regularly. Monday evenings, we work with others to serve a hot meal to 75-80 neighbours as we build relationships and eat together. We also use the opportunity to distribute food hampers for the week. On Thursdays, we host the Society to End Homelessness in Burnaby, who work with sometimes up to 150 people who need assistance as a result of being homeless. Foot care, hair dressing, and other health-related services are provided, and there is help for tax forms during tax season. Once again a warm meal is provided. Throughout the week, when temperatures run close to zero, our building turns into an Extreme Weather Shelter (hosted by Lookout Society). A recent clothing drive will provide warmth for many without adequate clothing.

God continues to give us opportunities to be with neighbours who have been hit hard by COVID-19 and other circumstances in their lives. As we see more and more of the congregation engaging in times together with these neighbours, we are learning much from them. We are grateful for the chance to see flourishing beginning to happen as a result of God’s work in and through us in this place. More to come…

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