Canadian Baptist staff serve churches by providing information, resources, mentoring and support for the work churches do every day in their communities. One way our staff keep in touch is through CBWC Blogs. We hope many of these will interest you.

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Miraculous Harvest of Hope in Moosomin, SK

From a half-section of vacant farm land in Moosomin has come a resounding donation for the fourth year in a row. Farmers, local companies and a gaggle of volunteers just pulled off the wheat harvest, netting 9,000 bushels that sold for $65,000. All the profits will be sent to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, and will … Continue reading “Miraculous Harvest of Hope in Moosomin, SK”

Meet Larry Schram, the new B.C. Yukon Regional Minister

Larry Schram’s call to ministry 35 years ago isn’t the kind normally expected from a pastor. In fact, he says he entered ministry entirely against his will. “I was dragged into it by the hand of God,” Larry says. It was in the early 80s during a catastrophic economic crash that sent interest rates through … Continue reading “Meet Larry Schram, the new B.C. Yukon Regional Minister”

Imaginative Hope for our Youth

We’re hemorrhaging youth from our churches. The kids are missing. Millennials (roughly defined as those who reached adulthood near the turn of the millennium) made news for high attrition. They were mostly raised in church, and mostly left church as they got older. But their successors, Generation Z aren’t leaving; they’ve never been to Sunday … Continue reading “Imaginative Hope for our Youth”

Join us for 77 days of Prayer

Leaves are changing colour. Sap retreats to the roots to hibernate safely underground. Sunset comes sooner and sunrise is slower. And we turn again to prayer, to attentive listening. CBWC has a new Executive Minister, and as we all look ahead to the next years of work and ministry, first we’ll settle into prayer, “a … Continue reading “Join us for 77 days of Prayer”

Restoring Life Through Creativity

Westview ARTS Academy was founded in 2016 with the help of a CBWC Opportunity Grant. One year later, founder and Director Elaine Hileman wrote this article to share the story of how the ARTS Academy ministry has been going. Susan arrived in Calgary a few years ago with her two children after fleeing a harrowing case … Continue reading “Restoring Life Through Creativity”

Opportunity Grants Awarded

The CBWC has awarded $55,000 in Opportunity Grants in 2017. Opportunity Grants fund innovative ministries that churches and partner ministries would otherwise be unable to afford. The following grants were awarded: Centre for Healthy Aging Transitions, Vancouver, BC — $10,000 for Re-Engaging Retired Pastors, phase 2. Many pastors have experienced loss of connection from the churches … Continue reading “Opportunity Grants Awarded”


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