Registration closed October 3 but we still have room for YOU.  Please call Esther at 604.225.5916 before registering to ensure accommodation availability.

November 5th-8th, 2018  |  Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, AB


Thriving Leaders: Identity, Character and Vocation 

Many changes in the Canadian context over past generations have resulted in the cultural dislocation of the church. No longer at the centre of a single worldview, the church now resides at the margins as one among many perspectives. This offers us the opportunity to re-imagine what it means to “proclaim the gospel”. How can we as leaders thrive and lead in this context in order to equip congregants to participate in and bear witness to the presence of the King within the full scope of life we are all called to?

Join us at this year’s Pastors and Spouses Conference as we explore the implications for our church families, and ourselves as leaders, of living into the reality of our Identity being in Christ, our Character being shaped by Christ, and our Vocation being with Christ.

Kennedy’s Parable will be hosting a pop-up-book-shop during the Pastors & Spouses Conference that will provide books, gifts and resources for pastoral leadership and ministry.

Dr. Cam Roxburgh
Keynote Speaker

Dr. Joyce Chan

Dr. Sarah Patterson
Reflective Prayer

Fraser Campbell
Worship Leader