Bruce Milne Teaches Regent Course

Bruce Milne
Bruce Milne

April 16, 2013 — Dr. Bruce Milne will be teaching a two-week course on the Book of Acts at Regent College during its Spring/Summer session in Vancouver, June 3-14.

Dr. Milne’s course, The Book of Acts: Witnesses to Him to the Ends of the Earth is open to anyone as either credit or an audit course.

The Book of Acts tells the exciting story of how the pre-eminent reality of all history—the coming and mission of Jesus Christ—was communicated during the first generation of the church. Through detailed exegesis of the text, we will attempt to relate Luke’s account to present missional realities and rekindle a sense of commitment to the church’s worldwide calling.

Before serving as senior pastor of First Baptist Church in downtown Vancouver from 1983 to 2001, The Rev. Dr. Milne taught for a year in Nairobi, Kenya, served as a church-planter in Scotland, and taught theology at Spurgeon’s College in London. His books include Know the Truth, The Message of Heaven and Hell, and Dynamic Diversity: The New Humanity Church for Today and Tomorrow. Now retired, Dr. Milne and his wife Valerie enjoy spending time with their two children and three grandchildren.

Registration information is available from Regent College.  First-time students can receive a discount with information from the attached form.