November 2020

Every year in November, we invite churches to take a moment to reflect on our shared ministry, as an act of thankfulness and encouragement.

 Each year we ask that you set aside a Sunday in November to celebrate what it means to be part of the larger CBWC family and its shared ministries. This year, we are inviting you to celebrate a bit differently!  

On the Sunday that would have followed Banff Pastors Retreat, November 8th, we’d like to bless you with all of the pieces needed for an online service. We will include everything from worship music to children’s moment to the benediction and everything in between. Executive Minister, Rob Ogilvie, will be sharing a special message.  It will be up to you as to how to use the pieces—whether to pick and choose certain elements and add them to your worship service, or download the entire service in a single, stacked format.  Click here to preview and download CBWC Sunday Videos.

In this extraordinary season when you’ve faithfully attended to the needs of others, often at the expense of your own health and well being, we are pleased to offer this Sunday “gift” to both you and your congregation.