Change in Youth Director

Brent_weickAs we look over the past year, we are grateful for the great work accomplished through the leadership of Brent Weick and the Youth Leadership Team (YLT).  SERVE was a powerful week of worship and service in High River with record numbers of youth and leaders involved as well as the local support team that arranged all of the food and housing.  Brent has also been recruiting new members for our CBWC Youth Leadership Team and his enthusiasm for empowering our youth leaders is contagious.

Brent has continued to manage his full-time chaplaincy position, church and family life along with this commitment to expanding the Youth Ministry of the CBWC and we have come to believe that this pace is simply not sustainable.   Until the time that the CBWC can fund more hours for the Youth Director’s position, it is necessary to focus present funded hours primarily upon SERVE 2016.

Tammy Klassen is presently the part-time youth pastor for Mill Bay on Vancouver Island and has served with the YLT team for several years.  She hosted the 2014 SERVE in Duncan and contributed to the success of SERVE in High River.  We are excited that she is willing to take on this refined portfolio for the coming year.

We offer our thanks to Brent for his dedication to the youth of the CBWC and his past service and invite you all to join the CBWC in prayer as it strives to be faithful stewards of the “daily bread” that God has presently provided and look toward the future as our good Father unveils his vision and provision.