COVID-19 Updates & Resources 

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, please continue to pray for all who are affected by this disease. Many are being impacted relationally, socially, psychological, physically and economically. As Christ followers, this is a time where we can nuance the narrative of fear to one shaped by hope. We wish to be responsible citizens and be informed of the risks and precautions associated with this pandemic. Our national, provincial and local government health authorities are our best source of that information.

For updates on these and other CBWC responses, see below.

CBWC Press Releases

“My husband, Fred, and I returned from a shortened vacation in Mexico and are now quarantined for 14 days. Our caring pastor, Bill Cottrill and his wife Lisa, offered to do our shopping while we are confined. They received our lengthy list yesterday and an hour later a smiling Pastor Bill appeared distancing himself, with our groceries. Who would have thought Pastoral responsibilities would extend to shopping. We are so thankful to Pastor Bill for lovingly caring for his flock. Just wanted to share with our church family. We are so blessed!” – Marion Bradley

“Esther, please thank the staff on my behalf for the resource ideas. I particularly appreciated the selection of free online meeting apps that were recommended. I’ve found this to be a confusing time but as I prepared for the webcast that I put online last Sunday, it struck me that although I wouldn’t be meeting face to face with my brothers and sisters, I would be meeting with them in God’s Word. The Bible suddenly became holy ground in a new way for me, and I trust it did for my church family as they later joined me online on Sunday morning. Good health and God’s blessing to you all.” –  Brent Reilly

“Thank you for serving us your churches so well! Praying for you all in this time!” – Pam, Strathcona Baptist Edmonton

“CBWC churches I would like to encourage you. At New Life we have been offering to our congregation ways to give/tithe online for many years. New Life is a diverse church of all ages, and all age groups have joined in. So be encouraged at this time! Feel free to contact me on ways to take gifts and tithes online.” – Henry Wikkerink

HR Resources

Church Life Resources

  • livestream worship and preaching – minus the in-person audience
  • during the week, prerecord worship and sermon and post online for Sunday mornings
  • ensure giving is not disrupted by providing online giving, e-transfer, payee via bank, snail mail, or in-person cheque pickup
  • adopt the house church model with social distancing protocol in place, and invite people from your church to gather in smaller groupings
  • Create a church-specific playlist of worship songs and share via Spotify
Home Groups
  • as long as groups under 50 are still allowed, gather with your home groups but ensure social distancing protocol is in place. If you are sick, please follow self-quarantine guidelines as recommended by the World Health Organization
  • go virtual and gather using an online platform to connect, worship, and pray for each other

       5 Tools to help your online Small Group Ministry (from Small Group Network- Dennis Funk)

Practical Resources

Receiving Tithes & Offerings

    • E-transfer instructions:

Someone with signing authority on behalf of your church may visit your local bank to register your church’s email address and begin accepting e-transfer donations. Setting up e-transfer this way ensures that all donations are transferred directly from one institution to another, without need of a password. Deposit notifications are emailed to the church identifying the name of the donor and amount of the gift to ensure accurate tax receipting.

    • members may also set up electronic giving by adding the church as a payee in their “bills menu” to personal online banking. All that is needed is the church’s banking information
    • apps: pushpay & tithely

Online Streaming

Leadership Resources

This page will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.