Each year, we gather either in person or online to celebrate our communities and our identity as Canadian Baptists. At these meetings, the CBWC holds itself accountable to local churches, presents audited financial statements and special motions, and proposes budgets for future years.

Online Assembly | May 21, 2020

5:30pm PDT BC/Yukon
6:30pm MT AB/SK/NWT
7:30pm CT MB
Registration for our Online Assembly will be open March 1, 2019.  Registration deadline May 7, 2020.

The Gathering 2021 is set for May 27-29, 2021.  Location TBD.

Banff Pastors and Spouses Conference

Banff Pastors and Spouses Conference in November each year is a time for pastors and spouses to be fed spiritually by our guest speakers, to worship together, to have fellowship with one another and to encourage a time of Sabbath for all who attend.

This year’s conference takes place on November 4th-7th, 2019Click here for more information.

CBWC Sunday

Each year in November we celebrate CBWC Sunday in our churches. Choose a Sunday in November to celebrate God’s work and what we do together as a denomination.

For more information and resources, please visit the CBWC Sunday page.

Let the CBWC know how we can make this annual event suit your congregation’s needs. Contact

New Ministers Orientation

Why did we become a CBWC church? Where do I find help with ministry? Who else is in this family of churches?

These questions are answered at New Ministers Orientation (NMO), a 3-day seminar for all ministers joining the CBWC, held at the beautiful Carey Centre in Vancouver. At NMO, you will meet new people and learn about the all resources available through the denomination.

New Ministers Orientation 2019 will be held April 1-3 at Carey. Contact Dawn Johannesson at for details.

Leadership Forums

Leadership Forums are an opportunity for all of us in the Canadian Baptist family to gather together, learn from each other and develop partnerships to move local ministry forward. Watch for Leadership Forums in places like Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria.



Heartland Pastor and Spouses Retreat

No information at this time.

Mountain Standard Region Ministry Retreat

No information at this time. 

BCY Regional Assembly and Pastors and Spouses Retreat 2020

Retreat: July 2-3, 2020. Assembly: July 3-5, 2020, in Nelson, BC.

Registration open January 2020.


Each year, youth from across Western Canada gather for SERVE, a week-long ministry where between 200 and 300 youth gather to make a difference through community service projects. It is also a week of worship, making new friends, growing in your relationship with God, having fun and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Please visit the SERVE Event page for more information.

Potential Impact

“I’m solid in my faith… but what is the next step?”

Every generation needs to encounter Jesus, rise up, and put faith into action. Potential Impact is a retreat for those between grade 11 and age 24 who are interested in exploring and discussing the call of Jesus in their life.

If you are in this age group, you will be joined by peers and coaches who are concerned for your future – your Potential Impact. They will help you hear and clarify the call of Jesus in your life. If you are a church leader, determine who among your young adults will profit from this experience and do everything in your power to see they come.

Comments from 2017 participants:

“I was able to answer some questions and really look back at my life to see where I should go from now.”

“I’ve known where God is calling me, however I’ve been trying to not go there. This weekend helped to accept the calling.”

Potential Impact 2018 (Event Finished)

This event took place on April 26-29, 2018 at Keats Camps, BC.

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Please contact Peter Anderson with any questions about this event.