Zoom Webinars

November 30 | Facilitating Crucial Conversations: Deescalating Negative Conflict During Times of Uncertainty and Change (Interactive Zoom + Q&A)

Time: 9:30-11:00amPST
Presenter: Alan Simpson
Cost: Free (sponsored by CBWC)

This 90min interactive course will focus on how to navigate crucial but difficult conversation as a leader in this next normal of ministry.

In a recent survey of CBWC pastors, they were asked about the kind of support they needed in this next season. Several responses asked for resources in having crucial but difficult conversations in a season of change and disruption. Emotional expressions are high, reactivity is high, and leaders need to navigate and lead well through an incredibly challenging season. Increased conflict between board members and congregants are a result of the drastic changes in the midst of trying to figure out how to re-engage community in a hybrid version of church.

The goal of this webinar is to support pastors and leader in having these crucial but difficult conversations. The following topics are a sample of what we will cover in the 90 minutes.

  • A model for understanding and responding to the threat mode that triggers negative behaviours.
  • Using empathic responses to acknowledge the other persons state of mind and heart.
  • Understanding the use of question to clarify assumptions and create a shared meaning.
  • A model for dealing with difficult situation or behaviours that need to change.
  • Building confidence in conducting a crucial conversation through attentive listening and assertive speaking.
  • Setting up and conducting a collaborative conversation to solve problems.
  • Staying centered in Christ while navigating immature or harsh responses from others.
  • Managing your circle of concern while focusing on your circle of influence.
  • Understanding and working with change, grief and conflict for a better pathway forward.

About Alan: Alan Simpson is a facilitator, instructor, and mediator for individuals and groups. He provides engagement processes and training seminars for leaders and their organizations. He has 30 years of experience in pastoring, coaching and training adults, families and organizations in communication skills, change management and conflict engagement. He has worked with businesses, schools, government staff, non-profit boards and faith-based organizations. His offerings include leadership development, board management, team building, and group facilitation for difficult conversations. He has conducted 50 plus organizational health/conflict assessment and coached the leaders of 100’s of church in Canada.

Alan is a currently a faculty instructor for the Justice Institute of BC in the leadership and conflict resolution departments. He also has a private practice that provides conversational facilitation, interest-based mediation and individual coaching for manager, supervisors and their employees. He lives and plays in the Okanagan but works anywhere and online.

The Church after Covid: Allowing the Spirit to Re-orient us around the Mission of God

Date: Tuesday January 26
Time: two time slots available. 5-6:30pm PST OR 7-8:30pm PST
Presenters: Cam Roxburgh, Ken Nettleton, Tim Dickau, and Shannon Youell
Cost: FREE sponsored by CBWC

What if God is using Covid-19 to wake the church up to its mission? Rather than viewing Covid as a negative disruptor to the mission of God’s church, what if Covid has actually only exposed and accelerated what was already going to happen?

The reality is that Covid has given the Church an incredible opportunity to rethink, reimagine and reorient herself towards the mission of God here and now in our communities, neighbourhoods, towns and cities.

Join Shannon Youell and presenters Tim Dickau, Ken Nettleton and Cam Roxburgh in an interactive workshop for Pastors and their Leadership Teams to be guided through a process of visioning to discern and discover the opportunities the Church has because of Covid to join God at work in His normal.

Together we will journey through the theological, missiological and ecclesiological issues we face in considering practices to help us discern where God is at work in our post-modern, post-Christendom, post Covid world.