Join us on Tuesday November 29th for GivingTuesday! We are excited to support the amazing work of Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church, Winnipeg (UEBC). Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, UEBC has welcomed 18 refugee families, with an expectation to bring over many more.

“We have not reached the peak of people needing to come over, we are just at the start.” Pastor Alex Andrusyshyn said, sharing that all the people they bring over and support are families who have lost everything because of the war and were forced to flee.

While Winnipeg has one of the best programs for Ukrainian refugees (covering full cost for three months or so in hotels), the financial burden to support all these families has been significant. Pastor Alex has given much of his own personal money to help families with the basics to begin their new lives in Canada.

The money raised on GivingTuesday will go towards some of these costs such as damage deposits ($500-$1000) and furniture for their new homes (roughly $2,000-$3,500 per family depending on the amount of people).

Some money will also go towards helping families with their initial grocery bill. Pastor Alex said the minimum he has paid to start a family off with food is $500-$700, which doesn’t go very far with the high price of groceries. Being able to practically support people in need has been a powerful ministry opportunity for UEBC, and we are excited to partner with them.