Heartland Regional Newsletter July 2022

Theology for the Ordinary Podcast


One of the denominational initiatives that I have had the privilege of being involved with over the last while is that of Theology for the Ordinary. Those who have signed up to receive Theology for the Ordinary updates can participate in a book club, receive book reviews, and get access to a podcast that has been produced for this initiative. Cindy Emmons and I co-hosted Dr. Ed Neufeld, the pastor of our Canadian Baptist congregation in Kleefeld, Manitoba, as we dove into the book of Revelation. 

Ed has taught the New Testament at Providence Theological Seminary for many years, and graciously agreed to join Cindy and I in putting this together. Cindy did a lot of work as she learned the technical aspects of putting together a podcast, and then editing it and making it available via the platform known as Podbean.

There have been several benefits to doing this project together. First, Cindy and I have had the privilege of reading G.K. Beale’s commentary on Revelation in order to prepare for the sessions. He has a nice way of making a tricky book quite accessible, and this has proven to be a valuable resource in understanding the last book of the New Testament. Second, recording the sessions became a highlight of our schedules. It was a good way for the three of us to build relationship. Third, Cindy and I learned a lot from our sessions with Ed. It was good to listen to and learn from him as he gave lots of insights into our understanding of the text. He was very gracious with us. Fourth, we were reminded that the message of Revelation is for our day. It is an encouragement to stand, to remain faithful, and though there are difficult images in the text, it was good to be reminded that Christ remains on the ultimate throne and has all things in control. We look forward to the day when we, along with many other believers, will bring glory to God continually. And finally, I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of listeners we have had. I have had people tell me that they enjoy listening, and that some small groups are using this resource for their studies together.

I am very grateful both to Ed and to Cindy as they have worked to make this project a reality. The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen. (Rev 22:21)

Mark Doerksen


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Roslyn and Josephine

The journey of Roslyn & Josephine to Filipino Evangelical Church in Winnipeg is quite interesting.

In 1976, Roslyn was called to serve the Lord Jesus in Young Life, a youth ministry which insists on incarnational evangelism through unconditional friendship. It was a humbling experience for Roslyn, as he witnessed the Lord lovingly touch the lives of youth and street boys. Some of them are now Pastors. Roslyn met his wife, Josephine, in Young Life.

In 1983, Roslyn was moved by the Lord to Bacolod Evangelical Church (BEC) to be one of their pastors. He and Josephine served BEC for 17 years until both were again moved to Filipino Evangelical Church of

Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates (UAE). UAE is a Muslim state, so Roslyn and Josephine are not at liberty to share their ministry experiences in Abu Dhabi.

Then Roslyn and Josephine served South Bay Christian Alliance Church in Carson, California, for almost five years.

In 2005, both were called to serve Filipino Evangelical Church (FEC) of Winnipeg. Soon Roslyn and Josephine shall have ministered at FEC for 17 years. PTL!

By Princess P. Sela

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