Making Connections August 2018

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A Note from Mark | Hyas Baptist Church Closes After 92 Years | Meet Our People: Alisa Powers | Summer BBQ Meet and Greets

SERVE 2018: Kamloops

Hundreds of young people came to Kamloops for seven days of work projects, peppered with group meals, a few fun activities and nightly worship services. This is an annual event put on by CBWC Youth, with a heart to develop a servant minded generation. Thanks to Cailey Morgan for the amazing photos! (Click through to see them all)

Summer Camps Update

Summer camp is a yearly highlight for a lot of people – campers, volunteers, staff and parents included!  There are seven camps in the CBWC family. We managed to get ahold of a few of them in between water fights and archery to see how the summer’s going so far.

Camp Wapiti
Camp Wapiti, near Grande Prairie, Alberta has had 300 campers so far, hosted by 12 staff and 100 volunteers. Four campers chose to get baptized (in a repurposed horse trough for lack of a lake). Ten new hammocks have been a highlight, especially at junior high camp where every night of camp a different cabin slept in the hammocks. They estimate they’ve killed 1,000,000,000 mosquitoes, give or take a few thousand.
Gull Lake

Gull Lake, in between Edmonton & Calgary has had 568 campers so far, with more coming up in August, hosted by 55 staff and more than 55 volunteers. Five camps have been held so far, with four more scheduled for August.

Camp experiences are central to many peoples’ stories of faith. Please keep these camps in prayer as they head into the final month.

Keats Camp

Keats Camp, off the coast of West Vancouver is expecting 1,603 campers plus 100 LEAD participants by the end of the summer. By the end of August, they’ll have hosted eight camps, run by 85 staff & volunteers – eight of whom are planning to walk the plank (it’s a camp thing). Campers licked up an average of 750 scoops of ice cream each week, while the epic foam fights use up 500L of water and 20L of concentrate per fight. The hardworking kitchen crew figure they bake 2,660 buns every week, and cook an extra 110 meals for guests who come for Sunday church and/or lunch.

Other CBWC Camps

The rest of the CBWC camps weren’t able to get the numbers to us, but rest assured they’re in the full swing of summer activities.

  • Katepwa Lake Camp, an hour outside of Regina, SK
  • Quest at Christopher Lake, in northern Saskatchewan
  • Zao Outdoor Ministries, operates wilderness trips throughout B.C.
  • Mill Creek Baptist Camp in southern Alberta

Events Coming Up

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